Fun Quiz

Check out this fun online quiz at’s Merdeka site:

How Malaysian are you?

So you call yourself a Malaysian. A patriotic Malaysian.

But not so fast, (en)cik. We’re not gonna let you off that easy; you have to validate that claim, prove yourself, show the world and your fellow citizens that you’re the real deal.

Here’s how you can do it: take our multiple-choice quiz, one that we’ve simply dubbed “The Challenge”. Are you Malaysian enough?

So, are you? Are you?

I scored a 33 and got this message:

You’re there, but there’s plenty of room for improvement. To start off your journey to becoming a true red-yellow-and-blue Malaysian, make sure you don’t forget those little Malaysian flags that purebreds stick on their cars on Merdeka day.

Maybe I should eat more nasi lemak, and make more visits to the DVD ‘brader’…..


2 thoughts on “ Fun Quiz”

  1. Hey to score more points, we should go and buy 1000s of those little flags and stick it on any foreign ( read s’pore) number plated cars 🙂

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