Preparing to import Haloscan comments

I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my old Haloscan membership to premium status (paid US$ 12 to do that).

Discovered I had nearly a 1000 comments archived there, and now I’ve got to figure out a way to import them all into this WordPress blog.

A note to newer readers: I used to blog at a Blogspot address before Google bought them over and way before they’d even introduced their built-in commenting system. Hence, like many a Blogspot blogger, I used the third-party Haloscan commenting system.

The thing about Haloscan is that, as a basic (free) member, once the number of comments on your blog reach a certain size, they are archived separately in another database. Though they are not deleted, they no longer appear on your blog. To see what I mean, visit some long-time Blogspot users (like this guy) and check up on some of their old posts, especially ones that you might remember having commented on. You’ll notice their comment count on those posts would have been reset to zero.

The only to retrieve these comments is to upgrade your Haloscan membership to premium.

When I had moved from Blogspot to my own domain using a blog CMS (first MovableType, then WordPress), I had to abandon the Haloscan comments. I’ve long thought about integrating those comments with my current setup, but for some reason or another, never got around to it.

But now that I’ve finally gotten access to all my comments again, I’ve exported them into an XML file and now I have to figure out a way to import them into the right posts. Failing that, I guess I’ll have to do it manually.

It’s gonna be a long weekend, me thinks….


4 thoughts on “Preparing to import Haloscan comments”

  1. Congrats.
    I finally got rid of my Haloscan comments sometime back as it no sense using two commenting systems. However, I miss reading some of the old comments. It was the interactivity through comments which realy pushed me to blog again and again till now.

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