MV Doulos: The Bookship

The side of the Doulos

Went to check out the MV Doulos with some of my friends.

Stuff I learned from the trip

  • The books are not cheap. Not exactly expensive, either, but not much different from the prices offered at your regular high-street bookstore.
  • Selection is rather limited. They have music CDs and cassettes, too. But also limited. However, they do have a rather extensive collection of books related to sprituality, religion, faith, devotion, etc, so if you’re interested in that, you might find what you want here.
  • They have a scheduled tour of the ship at different times throughout the day. You need to buy tickets for this. Tickets sell out fast. We didn’t know that, thus missing out on the tour because they were all sold out – for the whole day.
  • My camera sucks at taking outdoor shots when the sun is out in full force. And where the hell was the haze? I think our friends in Sumatera have been slacking lah. Woi, forgot to burn the jungle today ah?
  • Be prepared for a large crowd. It’s not always easy to move around in there.
  • Fear not, coffee-lovers – there’s a Starbucks stall right there on the ship!


So many people around so few books
The crowd inside the MV Doulos book section.

This kid looks exhausted
This kid needs a break.

More people around books
Another book section on the Doulos. You buy a souvenir bag for RM25 and stuff in 3 items of your choice from the selection.

Dude's shirt says it all
“Peaceful. Loving. Dynamic.” That’s probably a good a way as any of explaining the mission of the MV Doulos and its crew.

The Doulos
The MV Doulos. And possibly my only one decent outdoor shot of the entire trip. I need a new camera.


2 thoughts on “MV Doulos: The Bookship”

  1. As a volunteer on the ship, I would say that this is a ship that brings knowledge to the world by offering books, giving help by lending a hand to the needy and giving hope to those who have none. Although the ship is owned by GBA but we all have a greater goal that is to share the gospel to the world, which God has commanded each and everyone of us.

    Though the book collections maybe limited, but it is aim at helping the needy people in places like Bandar Aceh, Sri Lanka, India etc..its not so much of what kind of books they have but how can you help support the ship and its company for a greater good =)

    Come early in the mornings if you want to have a tour of the ship. And do come for the events, its held only every 4 years, so make time to come and give your support.

    Praise God that he has given us a Good weather without much haze!! (and not ask for haze).

    People who want to try out the food served on the ship can make request through the ship tour guides/crew or make arrangements with crew members whom you know.

    God bless!
    MV Doulos P. Volunteer

    SASHI: Hi William, thanks for the comment! The haze comment was just a piece of sarcasm, btw, tongue-in-cheek and all that, heheh. 😉 We do appreciate your work, the world does need more of you all, especially at troubled times like these. Thanks for the tips, and I do hope to make the tour someday – if not now, then at least the next time you guys come back round! Cheers! 🙂

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