Sometime in the future, you’d be able to walk into a store staffed entirely by robots with French accents, enter a cubicle by the wall, sit on a plush, comfy chair while a helmet-shaped contraption is lowered on to your head.

You’d then use a touch-screen console in front of you to select the kind of hairstyle you want from the 5 million hairstyle templates stored in memory. Or if you were feeling adventurous, you could customise your own hairstyle. Not that you would want to, because in the future, crazy hairstyles will be against the law.

Ten minutes later, the helmet-shaped contraption would rise with a ‘whoosh’, leaving behind a cloud of steam, while simultaneously classical music will be piped into the cubicle, timed prefectly to reach a crescendo just as the steam clears, so that you can see your reflection in the steel mirror and marvel at your new hairdo.

You then leave the store without paying, since in the future, no one has money anyway.

Mark my words.