Stevie G = 2.
Frankie Lamps = 0 (but not for want of trying).

Lampard looks like he’s heading for a new record – the most shots on goal without actually scoring.
Must be hard being one of the few Chelsea players in the tournament to have yet to make a mark.

And, yes, that was kind of a compliment to Chelsea. Don’t expect many of that in months – years – to come.


One thought on “Cornerheads”

  1. Frank Lampard is a laugh… which is also a fair reflection on the entire England team.

    I’m worried that they seem to be lulling opposition teams into a rather tired routine too; I don’t remember Ecuador being that lethargic and boring even in their loss against Germany.

    Let’s hope Portugal and Scolari finally put us out of our misery.

    Nice site, bro… there’s a lot I could learn from you.


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