World Cup Predictions (Updated)

The last time I had a whirl with the BBC World Cup predictor, I wrote Brazil will defeat Italy in the final, with Holland winning over England in the 3rd/4th place decider.

After having watched most of the teams in action by now, I feel I need to re-adjust my expectations of the some of the games and indeed, the overall result.

(Although, I must say I’m surprised that I actually correctly predicted a few results, like England’s 1-0 win over Paraguay, Holland’s 1-0 win over Serbia, Italy’s 2-0 win over Ghana and France’s 1-1 draw with South Korea – see all the predictions here).

This time, I make a few bold proclamations – which, based on recent results, is probably not that bold after all.

I say Germany, boosted by massive Teutonic support, will overcome Ecuador to finish top of Group A.

I say England will scrape a draw against the Swedes to also top their group, thereby avoiding their Kraut neighbours in the last 16.

I say Mexico will defeat Portugal in their last group match, which means they’ll finish top of Group D ahead of Portugal.

I say a major upset is in store for Group E, where Italy will defeat the Czechs and USA will pull of a win over Ghana, leaving the Italians and the Americans through to the next round.

I say the Aussies will explode against the Croations, holding them to a draw while the Brazilians labour to another slim win over the Japanese. So it’ll be Australia to qualify for the last 16 at the expense of the Croats.

I say France will just about avoid humiliation by beating Togo, but S.Korea will defeat the Swiss, hence topping Group G ahead of the French.

I say Ukraine will pull their act together for their remaining two group matches, and qualify in second place behind Spain.

The rest of my predictions are like this:
World Cup predictions - Image Hosted by

Yup, I said the Argies will win it. They were superb against Serbia. Superb. Can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a World Cup match that match. Sheer delight. And the second goal by Cambiasso… mouth-watering. Check out the goal at Chit Chat Bola.

I can’t wait for the final.

P.S. I just kind of realised that a 44-year historical pattern makes my prediction of Argentina winning the World Cup in Germany somewhat against the odds.

Since 1962, when Brazil won their second Cup in Chile, the winners have been alternating from the European and South American continents. And since the last winners (Brazil) were South American, history states that this time, it’ll be the Europeans to triumph.

And the last time I checked, Argentina wasn’t in Europe. Nevertheless, perhaps this is the year for breaking tradition…. I mean, just look at the whole Dr M saga….


4 thoughts on “World Cup Predictions (Updated)”

  1. USA beat Ghana?? I highly doubt that. They have failed to score any goals, and thier draw with Italy was an own goal. Ghana is on fire!! They beat Czech, they can beat the USA easy peasy.

  2. Well, looks okay but I’m giving more advantage for the host. My bet, it’ll be Germany vs Brazil again at the finals, even when they’re not showing their potentials yet.

  3. Before the games I predicted my final four would be Argentina, Brazil, Germany and England; in light of recent performances, I’d like Ghana to make the last 4, at the expense of England. Funnily enough, when I ran things through the group score predictor, those four teams came up. Am for an argentina v germany final though. Brazil only have a fighting chance if they ditch FatBoyNotSlim.

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