A post

This is the opening sentence of this post. This next sentence explains that this post is about itself.

A new paragraph starts here (or it did 8 words ago. Or 10. Or.. never mind). This paragraph expands on the ideas started in the previous paragraph. This particularly long-winded sentence tries to make the whole thing sound grandiose and classy, despite the fact much of its meaning could be summarised in a few words.

This sentence is a joke. Laugh, please.

This sentence is tired and wants to quit, so it says something sufficiently witty and yet trying to come across as introspective.

This sentence says goodbye, and please come again. *ding*

Note: I remember reading something like this some time ago, and for the life of me I couldn’t get the concept out of my head today. Plus I needed to take a couple of minutes from work, anyway. I guess those couple of minutes are up now…


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