The plane! The plane!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAnd so I herald the arrival of the Greatest Show On Earth, with all the excitement that little Tattoo could muster while ringing that damn bell.

Today hosts Germany begin their campaign against relative minnows Costa Rica, 4 years after talismanic skipper Oliver Kahn led them to the final in Japan, only to falter at the hands of the brilliant Brazilians.

Now Kahn is neither the skipper nor talismanic, having been relegated to the subs bench behind rival keeper Jens Lehmann. The coach is different, the players are different, and hence the expectations are different too.

The furthest the Germans are looking at realistically is the quarterfinals, which is possible if they don’t come up against some serious teams on the way.

Sure, Klinsmann is publicly saying they’re going to win it, but let’s not kid ourselves….

Anyway, on my part, I can no longer wait for the kick-off. It’s kind of a weird coincidence that my job has actually required me to be probably far more engrossed and involved in the World Cup mania of the last few weeks, so it’s not just plain vanilla World Cup fever with which I’m infected – if we’re talking in disease-based metaphors, what I’ve got is like a World Cup plague.

A few of my colleagues will be getting together to watch the game at midnight right here in the office – cool, eh? I don’t know if I’m going to join them as yet, but regardless where I am gonna watch the game, I know I’m going to enjoy it.

Assuming of course, that both teams bring their A-game to the pitch tonight.

Let the games begin!!!

NOTE: To find out TV schedules (not Astro) for the World Cup telecasts here in good ole crazy Malaysia, check out the Match Schedules page at The Star World Cup site.

Also check out The Star’s World Cup blog, written by people who’re crazy about football (one of whom wears a number 7 jersey with his name on it). Gila bola la diorang ni….

There is also a poll going on there, asking this question: How much will Germany miss Michael Ballack in their opening match against Costa Rica?

From the current results (at time of writing), apparently half of the respondents think he will be missed, while the other half have nothing better to do besides sabotaging poll questions.

Ah vell, zis Malayzianz, vat can ve say, eh?


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