World Cup 2006 Player Watch

I don’t usually support any one particular team at World Cup tournaments. I enjoy simply watching good football on offer during the competition.

Having said that, I’ll admit to some sympathetic leanings towards England, simple because of my experience of having lived there as a student and understanding the passion the English bring to their favourite sport. While I won’t be upset at an England defeat, I can certainly understand what a huge boost (and sense of relief) it will be for the long-suffering supporters of their national team.

I will always watch as many Brazil games as possible for the simple reason that they often tend to play the best (and most enjoyable) football. And with Ronaldinho and especially Kaka (watch out for this dude, he could upstage everyone yet) playing at full flow, it’s hard to see many teams coping with them. Their only weakness, as it has been for decades, is their defence.

In the end, though, the World Cup is all about the joy of football. And I look forward to watching some of the best ambassadors of the game displaying to the world what football is really about:

OK, so you and me and your pet dog know all about him. But unlike the rest of the players in Germany, you can bet your bottom dollar that this guy will be the only one smiling, laughing and generally having a good time no matter what the circumstances. If Chelsea were to bag him, they’d actually become respectable overnight. But that won’t happen since Ronnie still has principles…

Lionel Messi
This kid has more talent in his little finger than the entire Malaysian U-20 + MyTeam combined.
Whether he’ll make the starting 11 regularly is uncertain, but when he does come on, keep an eye on him.

The unfortunately-nicknamed Brazilian wunderkind is my choice for potential player of the tournament. With all the attention everyone else will be paying Ronaldo, Ronaldinho et al, Kaka might just emerge from the pack to lead the Brazilians to a 6th victory.

Peter Crouch
I just want to see that Robo-Crouch dance.

Thierry Henry
Could this finally be Henry’s international big break? While he did well in France ’98 (although he played as a winger), 2002 was a horrible year for France. This could be well be his moment to shine, and as a striker, there aren’t really that many players who are more brilliant in the final third of the field than him.

Steven Gerrard
What can I say? As a Liverpool supporter, it would thrill me no end if Stevie G turned out to be the England team’s talisman instead of the Chelski/ManUre players. Get in there, Captain!

The supporters
What’s football – much less the World Cup – without them, eh? 😉

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2 thoughts on “World Cup 2006 Player Watch”

  1. Stevie G is the best midfield player I have come across in my 40 odd years of being a football fan. I played football before, so i know what I am talking about. At club level he inspired Liverpool in winning the Champions League in 2005. He is not rated as the others i.e Henry, Ronaldihno, Kaka, Svechenko etc, etc, etc. Sadly he played for England, where creative talent is not being employed by the coach. Talented players like Joe Cole, which is talented like Gerrard is being ignored by the “Winning by all means” coaches. Take Jose Mourinho, he does not like the way Joe Cole is playing at Chelsea, but he could not ignore him when things become sticky for his team. I would rather allowed the creative playes to express themselves and bring enjoyment to the fans who pay hefty sum just to be able to watch the game.This what makes football as played by England is rather boring.

    Back to Gerrard thing are looking very bright at Liverpool since Rafeal Benitez took over the manager’s post. He has introduced skillful and creative players like Alonso and Garcia to complement the talented Gerrard. Since allowing Gerrard to be free flowing player, Liverpool is better and improving at all level in EPL as well as European competition. This is why I rated Gerrard as the best Midfielder I have come across.

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