Paid Less for More

10 books. RM 40.

Not a bad deal, really.

The Pay Less Warehouse Sale was in its second day, and still lots of books around.

Wish there were sci-fi or fantasy books, though. Especially a Pratchett or a Gaiman or two. Would have snapped them all up.

Forget modern bestsellers, either they weren’t there in the first place or were snapped up on Friday.

In case you’re wondering, I got myself a mixed bag – including a Dave Barry, a Michael Crichton (no, really), a John LeCarre, and a book titled ‘How to Murder a Man‘. I don’t know anything about it, but the title sure clinched it.


4 thoughts on “Paid Less for More”

  1. Hey, u were there too…pity it was a clearance sale. Their warehouse sale would have had SF’s. I even took the day off to get more books before anyonce can forage, but pity pity, there were no SF!!!

    If you want Gaiman you can try their main store in Ampang Point. I friend bought his illus book last time from there. I bought the Mirror Mask DVD a few months back…man you have to love him.

    I picked up a few Chrictons and a few stray SF books…

    The really good Payless’s for SF would be USJ summit, 1- Utama (formerly from Atria) and Puchong. I managed to scoop Kitchen Confidential by Bourdain, it was a kill. Have to get out of the SF clutches sometimes….

  2. good for you sashi!

    the fiction is not the most recent – most of the books are a few years old – but that suits me fine as there are so many gaps in my reading

    it suits me too that there’s plenty of literary fiction … but i don’t think there was an awful lot of genre stuff, even on the first day

    Gp – kitchen confidential is really good!

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