Over to you, Germany

World Cup 2006 preparation checklist

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World Cup guide magazine: CHECK

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World Cup Fixtures/Results wall chart: CHECK

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Leave dates: CHECK

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Copious amounts of coffee: CHECK

OK, FIFA, we’re all set over here. Bring it on.


12 thoughts on “Over to you, Germany”

  1. Damn… you beat me to it, I was just about to post my World Cup preparations checklist myself. Couple more things: Stock up on beer and Maggi mee supplies, MUST REMEMBER to take leave on Monday, July 10 (The Final). OLE!!!

  2. Bro, you might have forgotten a few things:

    1) Copious quantities of munchies (Cold Storage has got special offers on right now).
    2) Air horn (so the neighbours know when your team scores a goal).
    3) Take leave on 12th July as well.

  3. Dudes. Of course lah I’ve taken leave for the final.

    Perhaps I should also take leave for the semis too… 😉

  4. haha, now i really wanna get an airhorn – just to make an announcement la, in case they are sleeping but still somehow wans to know the score … haha 🙂

  5. Hv you booked seats in front of the telly? Or will you be watching it alone? Which reminds me, I need a couple more alarm clocks.

  6. Oh my God! I am so unprepared!! Freaking out. Thank God work doesn’t start until late! 😦 I must go get my guide too…

  7. Good list brudder…

    TMC in Bsar got offers on Carlsberg, Pringles and strangely, have changed the location of their kerepek udang / ikan and kacang shelf (I swear I remember it further back).

    For married dudes, pls be nice to the wife!

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