Vonderful Vorld of Video

The ability to create your own video, plus the ability to FIND and digitise video material online, has, as we all well know now, resulted in an explosion of creativity that simply continues to amaze me.

Just spent some time checking out various online videos, thanks to Mack and LcF, and BB. Fun stuff.

Reminded me of some of my favourite videos I’ve seen over time.

Check ’em out, yo.

Gary Brolsma’s classic Numa Numa clip.
I can watch this a million times, and I’ll still find it funny a million times. If you have no idea what the Numa Numa craze is, check out the Wikipedia listing.

The local version of the Numa Numa craze.
Those MMU guys sure looked like they’re having fun. I sure hope they graduated…
Malaysia Boleh!

Nike Numa Women.
Learn more about the rockstar workout at NikeWomen.com

The absolutely brilliant Honda “Cog” ad. (Quicktime plugin required)
Is it me, or do the British come up with absolutely the best ads ever?
Naturally, the question that always crops up: Is it true it was done without any computer graphics? See the answer at Snopes.com.

Honda’s Civic ad.
Also British, FYI.

Carlton’s Big Ad.
It’s A Big Ad. Very Big Ad.

5 Guys In A Limo
I actually plugged this in this blog before, and I’ll do it again, because it is very cool. Very VERY cool.

The Real Simpsons
British satellite broadcaster Sky‘s live-action version of The Simpsons title scene. Brilliant.

The Citroen C4 dancing robot ad (or download the 4.7MB MPEG video).
Kinda makes me look forward to the upcoming Transformers live-action movie with renewed optimism.

[UPDATE: 26 May 2006]
The Star Wars Kid
How could I have forgotten this guy? He’s practically a cult online legend – albeit reluctantly, of course.

If I can remember any more, I’ll add them here. Let me know of your favourites too….

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