Liverpool FC – 2006 FA Cup Winners

LFC FA Cup Heroes 2006 - Image Hosted by

I’m lucky I don’t have a weak heart.

Bring it on next season, you all everybody*.

P.S. I would have blogged this during the weekend, but the Zone Alarm firewall on my home PC is playing havoc with this WordPress blog – it won’t let me post anything. I don’t know why, seems like a bug. Crappy 3rd party firewalls. Crappy Micro$oft for not having a good enough firewall and an insecure OS forcing us to use crappy 3rd party firewalls.

* If you don’t know this, you don’t watch Lost.

Image source: Fox Sports via Google.


10 thoughts on “Liverpool FC – 2006 FA Cup Winners”

  1. Captain Wonder. Crazy last minute goal, and keeper heroics. Didn’t watch it live though. I only managed to watch the replay. I never did like Reina much, but his penalty stops were good. Now all we need is a good 20 goal striker 😛

  2. The game was amazin! i was jumpin up an down wen gerrard lifted de cup! we played class lyk we did in istanbull…. DERS ONLY 1 STEVIE GERRAD! kopite 4 lyf…. form laura upton age 15

  3. I am very very excited with your success because most of Arsenal supporters were wishing bad luck for Liverpool. Doyou know why arsenal supporters were supporting Westham united? this is because Arsenal stood at fourth -position in premier league and got the chance of participating 2007 champions league deppending on westham united, ie. it is not because Arsenal is successful in premier league but it is because Westham defeated Everton that Arsenal becomes in fourth position in FA premier league.

  4. it is istanbul all over again. i don’t even know why other clubs challenge us when they know aswell as any liverpool we will leave with the glory not them. theres only one steven gerrard and now we got bellamy we could be in for title race and win it im fed up with chelsea dominating every tournement and it only seems to be liverpool that can stop them coz we are great we have got the best skipper in the world steven gerrard. i mean what other captain aprat from john terry (chelsea ) can lift two major cup in two of the best cup finals ever liverpool have worked very hard to get where they are today unlike chelsea tey are only back to back champions coz of there owner who is a muilty millonaire. just shows liverpool have two great keepers instanbul and cardiff it just says it all don’t. LIVERPOOL TILL I DIE C’MON LIVERPOOL LETS WIN EVERYTHING GOOD SIGNING WE HAVE MADE CRAIG BELLAMY IS A HERO FOR SCORING BUT OTHER CLUBS WILL FIND THAT OUT FOR THEMSELFS WHEN PREMIERSHIP KICKS OFF ON AUGAST 19 2006

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