Please Let Me Watch Lelaki Komunis Terakhir

Dear Home Affairs Minister,

It has come to my attention that your ministry has banned Amir Muhammad’s Lelaki Komunis Terakhir.

In his blog, Amir states that the documentary is a “semi-musical road movie documentary tracing the towns in which Chin Peng (exiled leader of the banned Communist Party of Malaya) lived in from birth to national independence in 1957. It does not include any interviews with, or even photographs of, Chin Peng himself. The documentary features interviews with people who live in those same present-day towns such as Sitiawan, Bidor, Taiping, Ipoh and Betong, Thailand. Along the way there are also specially-composed songs and capsule biographical data explaining what Chin Peng did in those towns. Chin Peng himself is mentioned only once during the interviews.”

Sounds pretty uncontroversial to me.

Anyway, it seems that your ministry has chosen to ban this documentary based on the reason that “the public had protested.”

Well, I’m sorry to inform you, Mr Minister Man Sir, that a big time con job has been perpetrated under your very nose hair. See, I was NEVER consulted regarding this movie, and I am very certain that none of my friends and family members were either. So you see, there’s no way the public could have protested, when we, members of the public, were not consulted.

What I THINK must have happened is that a group of people pretending to be journalists interviewed a group of people pretending to be intelligent. Naturally, the results of such an endeavour can only be a joke.

It MUST be a joke, for I laughed heartily. Well, I imagined I did, because laughing out loud in my office would have seen me escorted away in a strait-jacket.

And let me tell you, Minister Dude, a strait-jacket is a pain in the ass. If worn improperly.

Anyway, I feel that you, as a person who is beholden to the rakyat, of whom I happen to be one, should at least consult with as many rakyat dudes as possible for a person in your position, before choosing to ban a piece of work that is already widely acclaimed by filmmakers around the world.

Can la.. close one eye la… can? can?

In that respect, feel free to email me (or have your people call my people, my people being my mom and dad) so that we can discuss over a cup of coffee just why we shouldn’t keep destroying the hopes and dreams of our own people every so often…

Waiting for your call,

P.S. Please send my regards to the missus.

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6 thoughts on “Please Let Me Watch Lelaki Komunis Terakhir”

  1. Wah, good email template, boleh copy?

    SASHI: Boleh… but remember to change the sender’s name, I don’t want Special Branch visiting me in the middle of the night… 😛

  2. Bodoh la. I should shoot one called Lelaki Bodoh Terakhir, but then we’ve got no shortage of those, hmm?

    SASHI: You could call it Lelaki-Lelaki Bodoh Tak Berakhir. Would be a hit with the ladies, methinks…

  3. neither was i polled…its funny they can make up such imaginative stories but still produce crap movies like cinta kolesterol…

    SASHI: So right, Anu, so right…

  4. I am looking forward to it too. You know what they say in Malaysia, if you can’t see it on the big screen you can always buy the DVD. Uncensored some more. 😉

    SASHI: Yeah, but what’s there to censor in the first place?

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