I don’t do lorries

I need to change my phone number.

There is a lorry rental company out there that has a phone number that so closely matches mine it’s not even funny.

I get all kinds of calls, from the loud “HALLO! ADA LORI AH?” to the timid “err.. hello? lori sewa? hello?”, from the evasive “Hello? Siapa ni?” to the bossy “I want 2 lorries, send to Old Klang Road, NOW!”.

There have been times when I’ve been tempted to just go with the flow, ya know?
Caller: “Hello? Lori sewa?”
Me: *sigh* “Yes. Lori sewa. Mana mau hantar?”
Caller: “PJ. Boleh ah? Mau pindah rumah.”
Me: “Pindah rumah? Itu harga kena kasi naik sikit, boleh ah?”
Caller: “Berapa naik?”
Me: “Setiap barang kasi 100 ringgit.”
Caller: “Wah! Seratus ah? Apasal manyak tinggi??”
Me: “Minyak sudah naik lor. Itu tol pun mahal…. apa mau buat? Mesti cari makan lah…”

Another reason is the proliferation of phone-spam nowadays. It’s come to the point where every 5th SMS I receive is a marketing gimmick. If I had a plane, with access to TNT, I’d bomb all the damn telco companies, I would, I surely would.

So, a question: Which telco provider would you, dear reader, suggest as a good alternative to my existing screwed-up provider? I am not revealing the name of my prepaid provider in order not to influence your input, but then again, some of you silent lurkers probably have my number already… 😉

To assist you in your deliberations, let me add that I’m not a power-user, I spend less than RM 10 on monthly calls and SMSes combined, but I do need to be connected all the time. 3G and other high-tech features do not appeal to me just yet (like I really need another way to access the internet – can you say ‘feeding an addiction?’).

Muchas gracias, compadres.


6 thoughts on “I don’t do lorries”

  1. The smallest telco? I like their new ads. Hehe. If you are bugged by ppl wanting lorries, I have a Chinese guy calling me at least once a month, even when I’ve repeatedly told him it’s the wrong number.

    SASHI: Maybe it’s a Sepet story in the making kot… 😉

  2. Dude.

    God knows you don’t want bombs on a plane.

    You want SNAKES on a plane.

    That’ll do the trick, yeah.

    SASHI: Haha… I wonder how big a movie that’ll turn out to be…

  3. at least its not some massage parlour’s number.

    off topic. thanks for kicking Chelski’s ass. i’m always thankful for the good things in life. 🙂

    SASHI: Even though it wasn’t me, I’ll be glad to take credit for it. I take American Express, Mastercard and Visa… 😛

  4. I believe u can start a good business with the lorry thing u kno…just get some dudes to join in and do it…everyone wants a lorry now a days.,…dont they?

    Get Celcom…therye have Vodafone content now and cheaper than the green asses. I can sense u using the green one coz every green user is a pissed user.

    SASHI: I don’t care too much for the Vodafone part… the cheap factor, on the other hand.. 😉

  5. Go with the one with the yellow logo. Sure, their coverage isn’t extensive, but how many times are you going to call from Ulu Bertam, right. PLus you wont have to worry about traffic like other telcos that only receive smses a day after during high traffic dates.

    SASHI: You know, the second I say I’ve never been to Ulu Bertam, I’m almost certain to end up there. So I’m not going to jinx it. Didn’t know about the traffic angle, that warrants some investigation..

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