A little bit here, a little bit there

A couple of things on this noggin’ of mine to be cleared out:

American Idol

Last night’s show is probably one of my favourite Idol shows among the whole lot. Great songs, performed well – even Kellie Pickler’s mistakes didn’t really sound that bad.

Of course, the contestant I thought would leave last week has left now. Good riddance – I don’t think the person would have made a great American Idol.

Test of Machiavellianism

Take the Machiavelli personality test. My score?

The Machiavelli personality test has a range of 0-100
Your Machiavelli score is: 72
You are a high Mach, you endorse Machiavelli’s opinions.

Most people fall somewhere in the middle, but there’s a significant minority at either extreme.

Google API

This Google Code section is a very cool place. Lots of stuff to play with.

And you know what? This whole AJAX thing isn’t really that hard, once you figure out the general framework. Easy lah!

Well, till the cows come home – ciao!


3 thoughts on “A little bit here, a little bit there”

  1. my favourite in the competition are Mandisa and Paris!
    was kinda disappointed that Mandisa was voted out. i always thought black girls are great singers!
    then again, i think Taylor Hicks will win the competition. he’s everyone’s favourite since day one. not a fan of Kellie. i hate her. boo!

    then again, will try the test some time later.

    SASHI: I’d definitely put myself in Taylor Hicks’ Soul Patrol fan club!

  2. Sorry didn’t reply just now, I got caught up with work just as you messaged me :P. Thankfully the machiavelli link is here on your blog.

    SASHI: So, dude, what’s your score?

  3. Sashi: Thanks for the Mach Test. Brought out the cynical side of me, heh heh. Haven’t followed Am. Idol for ages but I sincerely hope Paris is still in.

    SASHI: Yes, Paris is still in – but I’ve got a feeling she won’t last till the end. I don’t think the American-Idol-voting public has warmed up to her yet…

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