Here’s something I prepared earlier…

A snippet of my review of The Wild as published in The Star Online.

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A group of animals from the zoo embark on a sea voyage, end up in a jungle somewhere and find themselves facing a series of dangerous but ultimately character-building adventures.

Wait – haven’t we seen this one before?

You can be forgiven for thinking Disney’s The Wild is a clone of last year’s hit animation flick Madagascar. However, various online sources claim that production on The Wild began even before DreamWorks started work on Madagascar.

Nevertheless, regardless of who started what when, the fact is that DreamWorks reached the finish line first, leaving The Wild to face the inevitable accusation of lacking originality.


My verdict: Star Star

Read the whole thing here: Wild adventure falls flat.

Meesh said it’s a bit dry. So next time, I’ll try to be a bit more cynical, a bit more caustic, a bit more…. ‘wet’?


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  1. sorry ya, didn’t see the byline earlier. hehe. hope there’ll be more of your bylines in the future!

    SASHI: I hope so too.. although it’s not up to me, of course…

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