A Gubra Mystery – Call To Action

Yasmin Ahmad of ‘Sepet‘ fame brings to light a strange mystery regarding screenings of her latest film, Gubra, currently doing the rounds at the local cinemas.

To understand the mystery, please refer to her blog post here: “Gubra” screenings shrouded in mystery…

To find out what you can do about it, read this follow-up post: The “Gubra” mystery. The solution is in your hands.

Thank you, and remember – support the Malaysian arts. This doesn’t mean that you MUST watch Malaysian movies just ‘cos they’re Malaysian, but if you DO choose to watch them, do it the right way – at the cinemas or by buying official CDs/DVDs.

Every cent matters, folks.


2 thoughts on “A Gubra Mystery – Call To Action”

  1. That’s a damn shame. I loved every minute of it, and if I could I’d treat everyone to a screening, so we can talk about it after that.

    SASHI: I wish you could treat everyone to a screening too… heh.

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