YAAIP: Yet Another American Idol Post

Funny thing: I just realised I’ve yet to post a single sentence in this here blog regarding the current season of that talent-cattle-show to which I’m addicted a.k.a American Idol.

Not that posted a lot on AI before, either – search “American Idol” in this blog and you’ll get only a handful of entries. I think I probably posted a bit more on Malaysian Idol than AI – but that’s just because I was obsessed with wanting Jaclyn Victor to win. (Let’s forget there even WAS a second season, ok?)

Maybe I’m losing interest. No, that can’t be right – I still try to rush home in time to catch the 6pm broadcast every Wed/Thu evening.

Perhaps it’s the contestants. Maybe I just can’t find myself rooting for anyone in particular.

No, that’s not true, either – I would like to see either Soul Man Taylor Hicks or Rockstar Chris Daughtry go far, perhaps all the way.

So what is it then? Why have I not been as rabid a fan as I used to be?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address. Clue: adjective, 5 letters, starts with ‘j’.

Just to save time and space on future posts, it is also the same reason I’ve stopped watching Survivor. Although I’m probably not going to actually stop watching AI – brutal auditions still has its place on today’s telly. 😉


3 thoughts on “YAAIP”

  1. *Sends postcard*


    Second season? THERE WAS A SECOND SEASON OF MI? *Has wiped it from memory*

    SASHI: It’s not a Malay word lah… thanks for the postcard, Pos Malaysia needs all the business it can get… 😉

  2. Heheh.

    It happens, my man. I personally call Taylor “Rain Man”. He’s the, well, er, bomb.

    SASHI: The dude’s got his own fan club, which might just push him all the way… especially after today’s shock.

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