Chit Chat Bola is back!

If you were a regular bloghopper in the Malaysian scene a couple of years ago during Euro 2004, you might remember a group-blog called Chit-Chat Bola (CCB) (or Cakap-Cakap Bola before being rebranded…)

(The site is down now – or archived in some secret dungeon somewhere in Lancaster, but you can view a glimpse via the Wayback Machine).

Anyway, two years on, another football fiesta is nearly upon us, and CCB WebMistress Idlan Zakaria has decided to resurrect CCB for the World Cup 2006 to be held in Beerjistan (otherwise known as Germany).

Chit Chat Bola : WC2006 is recruiting diligent aspiring sports writers to provide casual commentary and punditry for the project. Nobody gets paid anything, it’s all in the name of ripping each other’s throats out, and you get to channel excess emotion via writing. So if you’re interested – at all – drop me an email at idlan [at] idlanzakaria [dot] com with your name, email address, url (if any), favourite football team(s), the team you support at the World Cup and your odds-on favourite to win take home the Jules Rimet. And while you’re at it why not give me your credit card numbers, mother’s maiden name and PIN code as well so I can buy myself more new gadgets.
Idlan Z

If the last CCB was anything to go by, there’d be a host of pro-England-supporting bloggers spilling out their guts on the antics of Beckham, Rooney, Stevie G, etc so it’d be nice if you have an interest in other teams – especially the littler ones (remember what happened to Greece in 2004!)

So go on then, shoot an email to the above address, and join the rockingest WC-group-blog on the planet!


4 thoughts on “Chit Chat Bola is back!”

  1. Spain supporter right here! I value my health. I will not wear anything other than red and yellow during the World Cup.

    SASHI: Merah kuning? Is Selangor in the World Cup too?

  2. I thot it’s was an Ingeleng bashing space… well, that was wot I did anyway :))
    antics of Daud Bengkang & Wan Rani? more of antique to me …. jgn mareee….

    SASHI: Heh heh… Wan Rani…. hehehehh… that’s a good one, actually… 😛

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