This blog turns 2


Another year. Another anniversary post.

Funny thing happened on the way to this anniversary: my domain name expires soon and, believe it or not, I was not going to renew it.

Yup, I intended to let this blog die a natural death.

I’ve been on a couple of blogging hiatuses before, although these trips away from the blog would tend to last only a few days at the most. However the purpose behind them all was to condition myself to stop blogging.

I now know that I can’t quite do that. Not now, anyways. So NO hiatus here, folks.

So I’m going to renew my domain name, and keep on plodding. And just as a reminder to myself of who I was, and maybe who I wish I still am, I had a look back at some of my old archives.

Not just in terms of content, mind you, but actual look and feel of the blog. How?

Enter The Wayback Machine.

I’ll admit I’ve been wallowing in a bit of nostalgia using The Wayback Machine, looking at old sites and specifically blogs from a while back (in the fast growing world of the blogosfera, a while back could be as short as 2 years ago).

These were blogs that proved to be my inspiration in starting my own blog. I spent a lot of time first lurking, then tentatively commenting on these blogs. It took me a long while before I even ventured out into blogging, starting with Blogger and then moving to Movable Type and finally WordPress.

And now, like the Oscars, I’m gonna start acknowledging those bloggers who’ve played a part (consciously or unconsciously) in the continuing existence of this site. So if you’re mad at sashi-isms for whatever reason, they’re the people to blame! 😛

Blogs like Dinesh Nair’s Alphaque [], which was one of the very first blogs I ever read. First time I’d ever heard of him was of course the story of him hacking into Asia Connect (Google it, the story should be there somewhere..). Sad to think it’s gone now… *sniff*

Blogs like Najah‘s brilliant Malaysiana Digests [], which used to be one of probably 5 websites which I would obsessively check first thing in the morning. Discovered her blog from a newspaper article, if I remember correctly, and from which I discovered more blogs, some of which have permanent places in my blogroll. The day she closed MD down was like suffering a personal loss – luckily, she couldn’t give up blogging forever, eh? 🙂

Blogs like Sharon‘s [], who is quite possibly the first ever person to link to my blog. Much thanks, Sharon! 🙂

Blogs like Jeff Ooi‘s Screenshots [], which way back then was pretty cool. I loved the shit-kicking he handed out to the big suits who deserved it. Things aren’t quite the same nowadays, is it? Sigh

The original Queen of The Blogosfera, Hani and her infamous Shrine []. She hasn’t been blogging much now, probably due to her impending wedding (so the Wireless Webcam Wedding not happening, eh? Shucks.) The word pioneer is not quite enough to describe her importance to the original local blogging scene. How about catalyst? Or maybe just the fact that she’s plain hot. Smoking hot. Burnin’, smokin’…. err, I need to calm down now.

Aizuddin Danian [], the tai-ko of Malaysian blogs, whose baby named PPS helped immensely in the survival of this blog of mine. Thanks, dude.

The Ox, the intelligent and funny blogger who, in his own words, was “full of useless 80’s trivia”. I cannot be 100% sure, but I do believe that his blog was the first one on which I ever commented – using a pseudonym, probably. He no longer blogs now, for the very likely reason that he’s probably got a life.

Huai Bin‘s [] – how can I describe the impact this blog made on me? The way he pushed against all known blogging boundaries was refreshing, to say the least. Too bad it ended up being considered illegal. Still remains one of the best reads around.

Of course, then there was the very first ever blog I ever read – when I didn’t even know what a blog was. Some might argue that it still isn’t a blog, well, maybe it just doesn’t meet your definition of what a blog is. Guess what? Blogs defy definition – get that in your head. I’m referring to TV Smith‘s Dua Sen [] – the leader in online Malaysian satire, our virtual Lat, if you like.

I would also like to take a moment to acknowledge all these other people, who have in one way or another, made me a fan of local blogs, and more importantly, either by direct or indirect encouragement, have turned me into a rather committed blogger who just can’t stay away.

Idlan Zakaria – The Queen Of Brokeback Mountain, and future leader of her own government. Her Ph.D should stand for Phearless Dictator.

Zsarina – The super-achiever. Wife, Mother, Toastmaster, Executive. Karyn White’s Superwoman materialised.

Makcik Nor – The one with the weirdly-spelled URL. One of the (then) few ManUtd-supporting bloggers that I came across 2 years ago, I first thought she was a he, but yowser, I quickly learned the truth. She also has a thing for Ryan Giggs, the one MU player I always had great respect for. Used to suffer my many requests to check whether my blog looks ok on her Mac. 😉

Anuar Fariz – A Malaysian In Madrid. Sting is writing the song right now, I assure you. Has also stopped blogging. Getting a life is becoming infectious.

Peter Tan – A towering inspiration 100 times over. Single-handedly gets KL bloggers to rally around and make a fool of ourselves everytime he drops into town. Dude rocks.

Pick Yin – Was always able to design her Blogger template in ways not many people imagine possible. Major-league geek-babe, writes with a wicked sense of humour, and is cute as heck, too.

Meesh – Cusses like a sailor, smokes like a chimney, writes like a pro. Another blog-hottie (I think we can see a pattern emerging here…) who was a permanent fixture in my bookmarks during her [] days. Has apparently returned (perhaps only for a while, but we’ll take what we can get) to some blogging in recent weeks, to which I can only quote Oliver and say: “Please, can I have some more?”

Liew CF – The pioneering pro-blogger of Malaysian blogs, he was previously famous for being the sole Malaysian advocate for WordPress blogs when it was still brand spanking new. Helped me out quite a bit when I made my initial move to MT and then WP.

David – An important resource for newbie bloggers like me back then, with lots of useful information on blogging technology, CSS desgin and stuff. Dude was very helpful during my various blog migrations and webhost migration days. Still comes through nowadays when I’m in dire need of tech assistance.

Lainie! (sorry, almost forgot her..) The girl whose ramblings could take up the entire volume of the Encyclopedia Brittanica. Is one of the very few bloggers who could make you shake your head while reading her blog (“OMG, I can’t believe Daph did that – and why is Nessa crouching in the middle of nowhere? Tsk, tsk, tsk…”). Has rarely failed to bring a smile to my face, may she blog on for another 1000 years!

James – Wackiest newbie blogging father. Writes some of the funniest stuff ever. His kid’s gonna grow laughing his head off…. Also, among the first ‘major-leaguers’ to link to me. Has an unnatural obsession in reminding me of my tardiness in updating the Steve series….. 😉

Pok Ku – Brings RESPECT to blogs. I’ve learned more about parts of Malaysia via his blog than I could ever do elsewhere. The head of what some affectionately refer to as Malaysia’s First Blogging Family.

… and all the rest of you bloggers, past and present, those who link to me or I link to you, much thanks, yo.

Oh no, I’m being played off the stage by the orchestra… Thanks to all of you who read and/or comment on anything I’ve ever posted here, you have my deepest gratitude!

And I want to thank my peeps! My S-Posse! My boyz, yo! Mr Spielberg, let’s do lunch!

Thanks, all, and I hope to be able to post another anniversary post in 12 months time…


17 thoughts on “This blog turns 2”

  1. You know…I could have sworn that your blog was older than that. Hmmm…talk about a lost sense of time. Oh well. Happy birthday blog!! At least you’re on WordPress…Hehe. 🙂

    SASHI: Yeah, it is weird, isn’t it? Feels like I’ve done this longer… perhaps in the bubble we call the blogosphere, time travels faster…. what would Einstein say? 😛

  2. I get no love… as usual 😦

    Well, happy anniversary.

    SASHI: Dude, the people in the links above are those who influenced my blogging habits. But if it makes you feel any better, yours is still a good read… 😉

  3. happy anniversary sashi!i really like ur s’pore post la..taknak blog lagi ke?gd luck then

    SASHI: Eh, siapa cakap I tak nak blog lagi? No, no, will still be blogging away, thanks for asking…. 😉

  4. Dude,

    Unofficially I’ve been blogging for 7 years now, and officially for 6. It has been an insane few years what with losing my blogs, meeting all the bloggers, going into meatspace and having a life and now coming back 😛

    Cheers to NO hiatuses.

    Damn You! Skinny Biznatch. 🙂

    love me,


    SASHI: Yeah, I remember going through your old Blogger archives (before it got hijacked by the Yankee girl). You’re one of the ancients… 😛

  5. I thought it’s been more than 2 years too. What the hell?

    Thanks for the gmail invite an age ago, and also for what was probably my first trackback ping I ever got.

    SASHI: Forgot about the Gmail invite, but I think I remember the trackback – it was the Day After Tomorrow movie review, wasn’t it?

  6. Hey, I’m a little late but congrats! Keep on blogging and you’ll be just like Kottke when you grow up!

    SASHI: “When I grow up?” You implying I’m a kid or something? 😛

  7. Funny. I just renewed my domain. Lost a bit of the drive to blog now, like you was toying with the idea of not renewing.. but I just paid up a few days ago..

    SASHI: Yes, funny, isn’t it? Blogging’s an addiction, a black hole that just sucks us into it..

  8. I am getting boring on the blog because I now have to guard what is called a “career”. I think I’d rather be Catwoman, though it seems the scratches have been on my back of late. Meowwwwwww….

    Keep the writing pen busy, Sashi. 🙂

    SASHI: You’re never boringlah, Z… 😉

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