Plugging Away

Like any self-respecting WordPress blogger, I use a fair bit of plugins on this site. Most of them are practical and functional in nature rather than presentational, like Akismet and Bad Behaviour.

However I’ve also been adding a few more plugins just cos I thought they were cooler.

The most recent two additions have been Ultimate Tag Warrior and Extended Live Archives.

I’ve been wanting to get rid of the long unsightly categories sidebar for a while and put them in a page of their own, and I’ve always been wanting to start tagging my posts as well, ever since Technorati became a big deal.

Well, now I have done both.

The category archives have been removed from the sidebar and tagging has begun in earnest with the previous post. I’m waiting to see if the tags will also appear in RSS feeds, fingers crossed…

The Archives page which previously simply had the same year and category links now has been AJAX-ified. It takes a while to load though, which is pretty much my main grouse about the plugin, but still it looks cooler than whatever I had before.

Finally, I just came across Bawang Merah’s RSS aggregator which he uses for his Links section, which is a pretty good idea. However I’m gonna look around for a WordPress plugin which will do the same while integrating with the WP theme and layout (and of course, not break the server!), so till then my Links section will remain the very ordinary list you see now.

Phew! Who knew jazzing up a blog could be so tiring….?

UPDATE [10/03/2006]: I’ve added yet another plugin to sort out the links section – BDP RSS Aggregator. It does what I want, which is to display the feeds of the links I select. Also it’s quite customisable and integrates well within the WordPress environment. My biggest problem, in fact, has nothing to do with the plugin – it’s just that I have TOO MANY LINKS. I’ve about a 100 feeds in my Bloglines account and many more in my blogroll. I should drop some of those links from my list, but…. y’all have kinda grown on me, ya know….

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE [10/03/2006]: Nope, can’t do it, I just can’t drop those links. So I’m back to the old links section – although I’m gonna leave the RSS feeds on a page of their own as a test page for a while. Now excuse me while I hack the hell out of some PHP code…

THE LAST WORD [15/03/2006]: Removed the RSS feeds page.


5 thoughts on “Plugging Away”

  1. I was using a wordpress plugin earlier on. Friend RSS or something it was called. But it seemed a little limited plus it was screwing up the internal Rss feature. So I gave it the boot heh.

  2. Sometimes I don’t see the point of having too many links that you’re not going to read in the end, or at least RSS feeds, that I’m not going to look at or aren’t really updated. I’m trying to clean mine up though, put what I actually read in the first place.

    Maybe this will help.

    We like to read you, not your sidebar links. 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t know what to do with that rss gator. I already have Bloglines.

    SASHI: Actually, the intention was to provide a ‘live’ link (if there’s such a thing) instead of the general links style. I personally wouldn’t be checking it (since Bloglines is enough), but perhaps any other visitor might be interested.

    Having said that, I’m not so convinced now of the need to have that plugin here – especially since I’d have to choose and select which of my links to display (I can’t fit them all in). Although, on the other hand, if I could conjure up a script to randomly select a couple of links to display the feed dynamically…. hmm…

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