Liverpool 0 Benfica 2 (Aggregate score: 0-3)

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The dream is over – for now. Roll on 2006/07 then…

Oh and to certain people who repeatedly like to claim that history doesn’t matter, well, you would say that, wouldn’t you? YOU HAVE NO HISTORY.

So the ongoing score between Liverpool and Chelski as it stands now is…

League titles
Liverpool: 18
Chelski: 2

European Cups
Liverpool: 5
Chelski: 0

Liverpool: 3
Chelski: 0

European Donald Duck Cups*
Chelski: 2
Liverpool: 0

FA Cups
Liverpool: 6
Chelski: 3

Mickey Mouse Cups**
Liverpool: 7
Chelski: 3

* UEFA Cup Winners Cups. Now discontinued, so no real point keeping score anymore, I guess… but I decided to be a bit honourable…

** League Cups. Mickey Mouse it may be, but it’s still another record number of wins – I guess if you’re gonna win small trophies, at least make sure you win the most!

And I STILL don’t think most of you Chelski lot even know who Peter Osgood was. Poseurs.


3 thoughts on “Doh!”

  1. Bro, I STILL think people shouldn’t speak of other clubs’ cult heroes as if they themselves were “classmates with Emlyn Hughes back in Form One“. Let’s not even count how many wannabe scousers were “born” since May 2005.

    Your statistics are also quite interesting. If one were to shorten the period in question to the past 10 (or 15 years if you like), one would actually get a different picture. It’s all cool though, some Mancs still talk about 1999 as if it happened only yesterday.

    Beers on me when you are free. 😛

    SASHI: Dude, as a Liverpool supporter I would be remiss if I did not not know who Crazy Horse was, or Barnes, Hansen, Souey, King Kenny, Keegan, Toshack, Hunt and St John etc. And I treat any wannabe scouser who cares not for our past legends and glory the same way I treat wannabe mancunians or wannabe chelskimos – with utter contempt. Peter Osgood was a good player – I never claimed otherwise. I do not disrespect his memory, only those Chelsea supporters who gloss over his passing like a forgotten blip from the past. History matters – as do the actors who played a role in it.

    And the statistics – why would you want to shorten it? What’s the point of history if you’re going to edit out the undesirable parts? We’re not the most successful English team of the last 15 years, but we’re the most successful English team EVER. But perhaps that’s a sign of the modern Chelsea supporting mentality – forget the past, now’s all that matters.

    I wonder if that same mentality will prevail 50 years from now.

    And you know I don’t drink beer… 😛

  2. statistics are great, so, gloating is a right. the most important thing is they quality of the team (i.e. players) and the quality of play that enable those statistics during that particular time.

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