Sulk sulk sulk

I’m sulking, can’t you tell?

It’s a protest. I hate being censored. I kinda (almost) understand the reasons… but it pisses me off anyway. So don’t mind me, I’m just a small-time rat, I’ll just be in my lil’ virtual corner sulking and protesting.

I bought 3 DVDs today. Some people eat to forget, some people drink to forget – I watch DVDs.

Crash. Green Street Hooligans. Hotel Rwanda. In case you’re wondering….

I’m gonna go back to sulking now…

3 thoughts on “Sulk sulk sulk”

  1. I still write things to be censored and put it under private. I’ve got to get it off somehow, if not I’d feel uneasy. If I lari topik, sorry ah šŸ™‚

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