Ozkar Watching

Following it on The Star’s site and on BBC and, believe it or not, on TV too (my company is da best!)

Am also checking Swifty’s predictions on how they match up. He did quite well regarding the Golden Globes, I have to say…

NOTE: Apologies for giving out too much info in the ping to PPS. Very sorry. Very very sorry.


Various updates throughout the event:

9-something am: Dude! Clooney won! Awesome!!!!!

Ah, I knew King Kong would win for Visual Effects… After all, it ain’t easy to create the world’s most expressive virtual eyebrows…

Am absolutely delighted with Wallace and Gromit’s win! Good dog, Gromit, good dog!

Some short film categories…. who cares? Let’s watch the beautiful people in the audience instead..

10-something am: So Memoirs of a Geisha won something, after all. Does this mean it’s not a flop then?

Heh, Narnia gets the make-up nod over Star Wars. Too bad.. surely the yellow contact lenses on Anakin alone should’ve counted for something…

Rachel Weisz is smoking hot. Smoking. With or without an Oscar. Better with, of course…

Penguins RULE!!

10:41am: Geishas win again! Pride and Prejudice looks to be frozen out tonight. So Geisha is definitely not a flop, now, I guess.

10:55 am: Brokeback Mountain wins its first Oscar of the night. One of many? Stay tuned, sports fans…

11:00 am: I’m biased – but I think Jon Stewart is cool. He should do this more often, but one guesses his brand of intellectual humour is a little too high-falutin for the trailer-trash part of the world that watches this shows (otherwise also known as the US of A).

11:08 am: The big giant ape does it again for sound mixing. The technical awards are certainly heading his way today….

11:25 am: Whoa! Pimps in da houze, yo!!

11:29 am: HAH! Pimps win!!

11:44 am: King Kong nets a hat-trick in the tech awards!

11:47 am: What’s a Tsotsi?

11:48 am: CRASH!! Yeah, baby! Film editing! I’m rooting for this one to go all the way, by the way.

11:54 am: Philip Seymour Hoffman kicks a$$! Acceptance speech is good too.. The character actors are always the coolest when it comes to accepting awards..

12:00 am: So that’s Geisha 3, P&P nil. Sorry Ms Knightley.

12:09 am: Witherspoon wins. No surprise, but it’s good that she acknowledged Joaquin Phoenix in her speech – although it did drag a bit long…

12:20 am: Brokeback and Crash take the writing awards. Feel the heat…

12:28 am: Ang Lee wins Best Director. I guess he deserves it – like a colleague just remarked, any director who could make people watch a movie about two gay men and come away with good feelings about love has earned this award.

12:31 am: CRASH WINS BEST PICTURE!! Awesome!

Final thoughts: A very very even Oscars this time around. Awards spread around to the heavyweights (Brokeback, Crash) along with the lightweights (King Kong, Geisha). Jon Stewart did well, and the awards ran a little short compared to years gone by. Overall, no wow factor like the Titanic year, or the time the hobbits ruled the world.

Also, the win for Witherspoon and the lack of a win for Phoenix kinda proves that Walk The Line isn’t all about Johnny Cash and his life, but more about the woman behind the man. I guess that makes it a chick flick, really. 😛

Finally – Memoirs of a Geisha. Wow. Heavily criticised at home and abroad, yet it performs better than most critically-acclaimed nominated movies out there. Yes, the awards came for the art categories, but that just shows that the producers and director did something right. Maybe these wins would bring more audiences in to watch this movie. Has it ended its run the cinemas already? If it has, they’ll probably re-release it anyway…


The big names score-card:

Syriana: 1

The Constant Gardener: 1

Narnia: 1

King Kong: 3

Memoirs of a Geisha: 3

Brokeback Mountain: 3

Crash: 3

Capote: 1

Walk The Line: 1


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  1. wow, you kept track, huh. it was really even, the winners. and jon stewart did a good job i think, really funny intro about the hosts.
    I rooted for howl’s moving castle, but wallace & gromit is not bad too.
    as for geisha, i’ve not seen it, just because all the female lead were NOT japanese. maybe i’m biased. hehe.

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