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Very brief thoughts on:

Petrol Prices
I don’t get it. Everybody KNEW it was coming. And when it came, everybody’s going all mental. Get with the program, people! Enough whining, already – if you hadn’t been preparing yourself for the price hike before, well, you should have known better. And all that cynical talk about the PM’s promise to pump the money into public transportation – wouldn’t it be better to see what happens before being all self-defeatist about it? Optimism should be a drug sold at pharmacies, cos this nation is seriously lacking it.

Resignation of Real Madrid president
It’s kinda weird, this. He did what he originally set out to do – turn Real into the world’s biggest club. They are that now, at least in terms of wealth. But he made the mistake that football presidents should simply never do – mess with the on-field issues. Sacking Vicente del Bosque was a stupid thing to do, and they’ve never been right (on the pitch) ever since.

Project Origami
Too much hype. It’s almost certainly going to end in disappointment. We’ll see tomorrow, I guess…

Boing Boing Fights Censorship
This is interesting. Boing Boing waging war on a filtering software that has blacklisted them. Online wars are fun.

The cartoons (the Danish ones)
Troubling. They should have known better. Perhaps they do now. We’ll see…
(Warning! Above link leads to cartoons!)

The cartoon (Yen Yes Tee)
Ridiculous. Mountains and molehills. Personal vendetta gone too far. Thank goodness the dust has settled and common sense has prevailed. Although, the TV3 incident, on the other hand… seeing how their ‘offence’ is basically the same as that of the Sarawak papers… are they gonna be let off the hook too? Now that’s just a wee bit unfair, innit?

Daft Oi
Remember the Jalan Riong parody a couple of years ago? This blog reminds me of that – although the writing reminds me of another blogger, actually… Seriously, regardless of whether you’re pro- or anti-Jeff Ooi, this blog remains a funny read.

Film/TV Censorship
Is it me, or has the level of censorship of our TV programmes gone up a notch? This seems to be especially prominent on Astro, where once upon a time characters on Friends could say “bitch” without getting silenced by the invisible scissors. Not any more, though….


4 thoughts on “Snippety Snippetty Snip Snip”

  1. I ran out of optimism already. =.=

    SASHI: There, there… I’ll set aside a bottle of optimism for ya the next time I drop by the liquor store… 😉

  2. If you can’t wait till tomorrow to see what Project Origami is, head over to Enter, go to WORK, BRANDTHEATRE, Microsoft Origami. This site was un-earthed by the impatient but resourceful people at Pocket PC Thoughts.

    You may be right about the disappointment though…

    SASHI: The Microsoft thing has been removed from that site, but I’ve seen the screen grabs now. And now Microsoft said there won’t be any updates today/tomorrow/anytime soon… what’s with all the secrecy? Who do they think they are – Apple??

  3. Its not Astros fault……they are subject to the Film Censorship Boards guidelines…or risk getting themselves in trouble…what to do…!!!

    SASHI: Ooh, someone’s being a tad defensive, innit? 😛

  4. Eh? I thought they were getting freer, considering that the other day I thought I heard someone say “Fuck.”

    SASHI: Was that on American Sweethearts? Yeah, I think Christopher Walken said it, but he said it so fast the censors missed it, I think.

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