Reverse Bungy – now in KL

It’s funny.

In the fifth part of my Singapore trip blog series, I mentioned how I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to get on the G-Max reverse bungy ride.

G-Max reverse bungy
The G-Max reverse bungy in Singapore

However, I read in the papers today that the KL Tower now has its own version of the reverse bungy, imaginatively called ‘G Force X’:

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Photo sourced from The Star Online – STARpic by ONG SOON HIN

Experience zero gravity at KL Tower
For RM60, you can try the “reverse bungy” where you will be strapped into a capsule attached to cables and then catapulted into the sky.

“It’s like being in a rocket and blasted into outer space. It is definitely one of the best anti-gravity machines on the planet,” AJ Hackett Malaysia managing director Adam Quinn said.

[..] The G Force X is the highest reverse bungy facility in Asia.

When the capsule is shot into the air, it travels up to 120kph in two seconds and a person can experience five times the force of gravity.

At the top, he will get a feeling of weightlessness for a short while, similar to what astronauts feel.

RM 60 eh? Not bad… considering that the Singapore version costs about SG$ 35…..

Anyone for a vomit-inducing experience of a lifetime?


4 thoughts on “Reverse Bungy – now in KL”

  1. Hi guys,

    hmmm, i think its really awesone, only RM 60 for one person, plus AJ HACKETT’s background makes it even more promising and i am amazed by the structure of the machine. it really looks posh to me.
    πŸ™‚ im going to KL tower this weekend and make it a day to remember.

    SASHI: Just remember to strap in, you don’t want to go into orbit or anything.. πŸ˜‰

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