My Monster Name

Hi. Busy. Will write soon. Take care. Meantime, here’s something I picked up from Visithra’s blog..

Sinister Abomination from the Sunless Haunted Isle

Get your own Monster Name!

P.S. The Yahoo messenger and MSN messenger on my work PC is dead. Some connection problems, I think, since I’m behind a proxy, although web surfing and e-mailing is all ok. Interestingly, Google Talk works just fine – chalk one up for the G boys.
So if you’re normally on my YM buddy list but can’t get in touch with me, use Google Talk instead.

P.S.S.Everything’s a-OK again – chat away! šŸ˜›



4 thoughts on “My Monster Name”

  1. Mine is Anthropologist-Devouring Abomination of Madness.

    Have the same problem in my office sometimes but Skype is OK. Have never tried Google Talk though.

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