Lion Dance at Bangsar Village

Although Saturday was Thaipusam day, and even though I did briefly consider checking out the big gold statue of Lord Murugan at Batu Caves, I decided to check out the lion dance show at Bangsar Village (with me being a frog under a Bangsar shell and all) instead.

The poster proclaiming the show
The proclamation

I checked into Village at around half past four, and found that there wasn’t much of a crowd around, besides the usual small number of shoppers. The lion dance troupe, however, were already there, preparing the stage for their performance.

Making sure everything's right
Making sure everything’s right.

I briefly dithered over whether to check out the show from the ground level or from the first floor, and finally decided on an overhead view. At least that’ll keep me away from those pesky ang-pow-greedy kids.

An eager crowd building up
An eager crowd building up.

That's a celebrity in the middle, there
That’s a celebrity in the middle, there. Guess who? Hint: Beautiful singer, famous for duets with Ramli Sarip.

The poster proclaiming the show
The lions sizing each other up.

The lions sizing up the pillars.
The lions sizing up the pillars.

A lion on the pillar
A lion on a pillar. (My caption writing skills need work, I’ll admit that…)

2 lions in a shopping centre, one on a pillar
The other lion checking out this lion on the pillar, and perhaps, laughing at it?

2-legged lion
What do you call a lion on two legs? Junichiro Koizumi.

Mid-hip blues
That’s either one flexible lion, or it needs some serious hip surgery.

2 lions on pillars
The Mexican… err Chinese lion standoff.

Evolutionary cross between lion and giraffe
This lion’s father was a cobra – that’s why he rears up in the face of danger – or children, same thing.

Things are looking up
Looking for an escape route via the first floor.

The pre-mating ritual
One lion sniffing… what is this – Brokeback Mountain?

Kids close up and personal
Looking for a suitable child to eat.

Check my a$$ out
A lion preparing to unleash its lethal Power-Fart.

Levitating fruit
Tossing oranges at the crowd – little did they know it was just another over-priced citrus fruit.

Now that’s one brave child. Seriously, I doubt a kid his age would have understood that all that was just costume and entertainment. He just stood there and FACED DOWN THAT LION. Respect.

ang-pow for money
Kids exchanging ang-pow for oranges. Or maybe for blessings.

greedy kids
Greedy kids demanding the lion give them more oranges, while the lion looks over possible dinner items.

No money for me
Bangsar Village staff (possibly from the Village Grocer) giving out ang-pows to the kids. ONLY to the kids. Grrr…

Nearing the end
The lions hold a conference – they’ll take the kid in the red shirt, please, how much is he and could they wrap him in aluminium?

The end - for a good cause too
The lion dance troupe generously donate RM 1000 towards the Bangsar Village Kids’ for Kids Charity.

Well, that’s it. It was certainly loud, and even though I’ve found all lion dance performances to have been fun, this one was worth it just for the reactions of the kids – they really enjoyed it.

Especially the kid who FACED DOWN A LION. Respect.


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  1. is it at the old Hankyu, Bangsar building or Bangsar Shopping Complex ?

    nice photos…


    SASHI: Yup, it’s the old Hankyu Jaya. I guess you haven’t been to Bangsar in a long time, eh? 😉

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