Singapore: Illustrated (Part EMPAT Sekawan)

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OK, this one’s gonna be chock-full of boring photos. You’ve been warned.

So, Sunday (Christmas) morning, we got up bright and early. Well, maybe not quite that early, and we probably didn’t feel too bright. But I, for one, was certainly feeling a lot fresher than I was the previous morning.

It was time to lay the smackdown on Singapore, yo.

We grabbed some brochures at the hotel lobby, looked over some of the more interesting sites, calculated what little money we had, and basically streamlines the day’s activities to three four sections: Singapore River cruise, some giant-a$$ fountain, Orchard Road, and (time-permitting) Sentosa Island.

I did think of suggesting a detour to Geylang, but I didn’t think my friends would have let me. (They’re just too strait-laced for their own good…)

Of course, first things first – we went to a small cornershop restaurant in Little India for some breakfast (tosai and coffee for me). The shop was located just across the road from a Hindu temple, and after I’d had my meal, I went over to snap some shots while my friends finished eating their rotis and stuff.
Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple
The Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.

But before I could take more pictures, my friends came up and insisted we make a move to getting to the Singapore river. Now, for various reasons which I don’t care to mention right now, I don’t go to temples – often. So whenever by chance I come near one, I usually view it as an aesthetic piece of architecture and not in any real religious sense. As such, I’d want to take some pictures of it to see if there is any way I can capture some of that intricate detail and beautiful craftsmanship for posterity.

My friends, on the other hand (them being Indian nationals), were already well familiar with countless temples in their hometowns. Another one wasn’t going to impress them.

Instead of arguing my stand, I capitulated and joined them in leaving the area. Ah, well, some other time, then….

We made our way to an MRT station from where we journeyed to Raffles Place (I think – I can’t quite remember all the station names that we passed through…). We found ourselves inside some building or other, came out for air, and found ourselves staring at the Singapore river looking quite serene and beautiful under a clear blue sky.

SG river
Singapore River shot #1

While we were admiring the scenery, one friend excused himself to take care of some, err, urgent business. So while the remaining two of us waited for him, we busied ourselves the way tourists do – snap plenty of pics.

Botero's pigeon?
Some statue by some guy. Actually, it’s a Botero. Girl not part of sculpture.

Another Singapore river shot
Singapore River shot #2

Yet another Singapore river shot.
Singapore River shot #3

Banking on the tourist money
Towering banks – Maybank, OCBC, Standard Chartered.

The bridge over the River... Singapore
The bridge over the River… Singapore

Pussy cam
While waiting under a shade, this cool cat sauntered in and, noticing my camera, sat down and posed.

By now, my friend had returned, and so we proceeded to look for a booth that sold tickets to the cruise. We quickly found one nearby that was selling tickets at SG$12 a pop. We bought them, but we later found other booths dotted around the riverfront selling the tickets at cheaper prices. My advice? Walk around first.

The tickets we bought were for the Singapore River Experience, which covered Clarke Quay to Clifford Pier, while another package was the New River Experience which covered Robertson Quay to Clifford Pier. However the New River package was unavailable because apparently it was high tide or something, so the only option was the other one.

The boat! The boat!
This was the boat that was to ferry us on the cruise. A luxury vessel this was not.

When the boat finally came for us, we gingerly clambered on and took our seats on the wooden benches. Unfortunately, we weren’t the first passengers on board, which meant that we only got the, err, ‘aisle’ seats. Trying to take pictures while making sure the stone-faced passenger next to you isn’t blocking you is not easy. But try I did – here are the results.

Mr Mysterio
The boat/tour operator. Besides operating the boat controls, he also switched the onboard English tour narration on and off. A real multitasker.

The Fullerton Hotel as viewed from the boat
The Fullerton Hotel as viewed from the boat

The Merlion as viewed from the boat
The Merlion as viewed from the boat

The Big Durian, err, Esplanade as viewed from the boat
The Big Durian, err, Esplanade as viewed from the boat

The Asian Civilisations Museum
The Asian Civilisations Museum as viewed from the boat

The Hippo Tours bus
The Hippo Tours bus

Some filler shots
Some filler shots

More filler shots
More filler shots

The site of the Reverse Bungy
The site of the G-Max Reverse Bungy

Singapore skyscrapers
Singapore skyscrapers

Approaching the end of the cruise
Approaching the end of the cruise

The half-hour or so cruise finally ended and we disembarked from our princely vessel. The sun was still shining, I had plenty of space in my camera memory card, and I was feeling all jazzed up and ready to rock and roll. We saw plenty on the cruise to suggest that walking along the riverfront and all the Quays towards the Merlion and farther would be cool.

So we decided to do just that. And just before leaving, I touched base with an old home haunt.

You can never run away from them.

I missed ya, ya big corporate tiger. Keep my money safe, ya hear?

Next: Strutting down the waterfront, Merlion madness, and more stuff….


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  1. Yay, you made your recent trip to Singapore sound so… uh, exciting. I’m looking forward to reading more – simply because I’ll be heading there myself next month.

  2. Heh, interesting. Your photo of the cat shows some litter on the ground. I thought Singapore was like extremely clean? Hope to go there soon too…

    SASHI: All that litter were the remnants of the Christmas Eve celebrations the previous night. Otherwise, the city remains impressively clean.

  3. That Temple looks just like the one in Klang!!!

    Neko no kawaii!!!

    And is your firefox “take back the web” icon supposed to be cut in half? *Points to lower right corner*

    Great pictures. ^_^

    SASHI: Yup, that Firefox icon came like that. One of the many promo icons out there.

  4. aw cmon, that picture of the cat – you took that one behind your house, right?!

    SASHI: Dude, any cat that even makes it to the back of my house will not survive a minute longer, much less have time to pose. 😛

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