The Blog Critic Review and IE Headache

Ok, first of all, a big thank you to the Blog Critic for reviewing my blog and giving it a healthy score.

I completely agree with his comments regarding the length of the sidebar, and I commented as much on his post:

I agree with the sidebar thing – I’m going to move the blogroll to a links page on its own, and I’m going to remove the categories once I install a Technorati tag plugin for the posts.

Anyway, thanks again for the encouraging review, it’s stuff like this that motivates lowly bloggers like me to keep on rolling…

On a related issue, I’ve been experiencing a problem with the layout of this blog as displayed on IE (surprise, surprise). The problem is that when viewing the homepage on IE, the sidebar ends up getting pushed down to the bottom. However, this only seems to happen on the front page of the index, and not on subsequent pages (click on ‘Previous Entries’ near the bottom of the homepage to see what I mean).

When I first installed this theme, I made doubly sure it worked on all browsers, and it did. I haven’t made any changes to the positioning styles in the CSS, so I think something in the contents must be causing the problem.

Which is why you might notice some tweaking of the front page display in the coming days.

Sigh, the things one has to do to achieve cross-browser compatibility – although I don’t suppose it’s too much to ask for y’all to switch to Firefox/Opera, is there?

Didn’t think so. Darn.

UPDATE: I tried and tried, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on the problem – so I just cheated and made the columns bigger. Now it looks all right on IE – for now……