What the..?

The Blogger Word Verification feature that you find when you want to post a comment in Blogger-enabled blogs can really be mind-bogglingly frustrating to crack.

The randomness of not only the letters generated but shape, font and color of the letters as well can occasionally combine to defeat the brain’s ability to distinguish meaningful characters from rubbish.

Take this one, for example:
Blogger Word Verification image - Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My guess was “lzzjijie“. I was wrong, for the comment pop-up refreshed and told me, rather condescendingly, that I was to type the letters as it appears on screen. Well, duh!

Luckily, the next random word was easier to read – but that still doesn’t mean it should have confused me in the first place. Stupid machines….

Well, on the bright side, at least I didn’t get insulted by Blogger – unlike poor Viewtru.



2 thoughts on “What the..?”

  1. until now, i still don’t understand why they have to thwart the letters. that’s why i turned off the feature. i don’t want to unnecessary hassle my commenters.

    bloghopped from the blog critic. congrats. i think you’ve got the highest rating so far. keep up the good work and blog on!

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