A punch clock post

Got back from Singapore last night, with a S$10 souvenir (yes, I’m cheap), a memory card full of pictures, tired feet and a sore throat.

Haven’t much time to rest and recover completely, since I’m already back at work, so blogging will be infrequent for the week.

Will be attempting to upload the pics soon, as well as upgrading WordPress to version 2.0.

Hope you’re all having a good week, and let’s all have a good and safe and HARMONIOUS new year, yeah?


UPDATE: A gremlin got loose and messed up my WP 2.0 installation. I found that I wasn’t able to ping PPS (or anyone else, for that matter), and in trying to re-install it, someone screwed up – all evidence currently points to me, although I’m professing my innocence to my grave. Anyway, thanks to my hundreds of backups and my rudeimentary knowledge of SQL, I was not only able to restore my previous WP installation (ver 1.5.2) but still managed to include the more recent comments and posts. Now, I’m thinking I’m gonna wait for a while till I figure out a less painful way of upgrading. Besides, 1.5.2 is still good enough, me thinks.. 😉


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