The Premiership Takes Shape

It’s taken nearly 4 months now, but the English Premier League table is finally looking kinda like what you’d expect to see at this stage of the season.

The generally-agreed top 4 teams in the country – Premiership champions Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal and European champions Liverpool – are now occupying the top 4 positions in the table.

Sunderland, Birmingham and Portsmouth are positioned at the bottom of the table, and it seems clear Sunderland are almost certainly going down. Everton and WBA are flirting with danger, with the Toffees on top of my prayer-list to go down with the Black Cats.

Spurs, Bolton and Man City look to be playing the roles of UEFA-Cup place hunters, although the new boys from Wigan still remain in the spoilers’ position – for now.

Middlesbrough, Charlton, Newcastle and Aston Villa are proving to be major disappointments, and I won’t be surprised if at least one of the managers from these clubs get the sack by the end of the season (top choice might be Villa’s David O’Leary).

The rest – well, they’re just makeweights.

And now some stats, to be manipulated into showing how we’re capable of doing anything with numbers.

Liverpool’s last 5 Premiership games have yielded 5 wins, 10 goals scored and no goals conceded, resulting in 15 points won with a goal difference of 10.

Chelsea’s last 5 Premiership games have yielded 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat, with 10 goals scored and 4 goals conceded, resulting in 10 points won with a goal difference of 6.

Extrapolating this data to be used as a forecasting tool for the next 25 matches shows quite clearly that Liverpool will overtake Chelsea and win the league, the FA Cup, the Champions League, the Toyota Cup, the Malaysia Cup, the World Cup, the Copa Libertadores, the Bangsar Baru Invitational Tournament, teh-o cup and every other cup on the planet.

How? Well, if you can’t see the obvious, I’m not gonna tell ya.


2 thoughts on “The Premiership Takes Shape”

  1. i’m with you too, The Toffees to relegate this season…
    they should never held-up the 4th qualifying spot for the CL…
    you see what happened to them this season out of all European competitions and are in danger of relegating…

    the good ol’ days are coming back !
    early Christmas present for ya’ll Reds fans out there…


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