Nikki’s debut album ‘Maharani’

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Those who remember the first season of Malaysian Idol will probably agree with me that in terms of actual talent, only three contestants stood out among the rest – Jac, Dina and Nikki. These three ladies had the vocal ability to outsing not only their first season rivals, but could have easily destroyed any of the second finalists as well – including the second season winner. But, of course, we all know that talent alone doesn’t quite help in such SMS-driven competitions..

Anyway, Nikki finally joins the class of 2004 in releasing an album of her own, ‘Maharani’. The pretentiousness of the title aside, I must say – having had a listen to excerpts of the song on her website – that she sounds… not bad, actually. Probably better than the rush job that was Jac’s Gemilang album. (Hopefully, Jac’s 2nd album will showcase her talent for what it is – stunning.)

So, if you want to be on local songwriter-producer Audi Mok’s good graces, you’ll buy this album. Or risk arrest, torture and naked squats by purchasing pirated copies or downloading it illegally – not recommended (see, I follow the law, kan? kan?)

p.s. Why the hell does Jaclyn Victor not have an official website? The extremely crappy Jacsville fan club homepage notwithstanding. Really malu-fying lah…



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  1. Hey I’m a big fan on Nikki.. now am in the UK but I took the effort to get my friend to buy the album for me and gosh she’s absolutely fantastic!!! Even my english frens commented that she could easily outsing most of the local talents in the UK. Kudos to the production team especially Hazami for his masterpiece Pinta!!

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