Things To Do In Singapore Checklist

OK. Have made plans to go down to visit our poor scandal-deprived neighbours, Singapore. Will be doing so this Christmas – so to all terrorists out there, please be warned that if I catch you doing something stupid in the Lion City, like lighting a fuse or something, I’ll bitchslap you all the way to the Tanah Merah prison.

My posse and I will have a couple of days to paint the town red (or bluish-green, depending on availability of paint supplies – mental note: call ICI Dulux).

Money is tight, so we intend to squeeze the maximum out of every cent available. So that means a careful review of the various attractions available, and managing our time and resources so that we’re able to get our (limited) money’s worth of the Singapore experience.

(That’s like project management, y’all. This is so going on my resume.)

In the short amount of time I’ve had in checking out SG’s attractions, a few spots have made it to my list of things-to-do.

I have a bit of an interest in nature and wildlife, and therefore the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari hold a guaranteed must-see status on my itinerary. It’ll cost us S$25 per person to do both, and it’s likely to occupy us for almost the entire day. So we’re gonna have to find a way to cram the rest of the visiting for the remaining day.

Sentosa Island also beckons, and I haven’t been on the cable car ride since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Having said that, I don’t really know what to do in Sentosa – I can’t allow myself to get sucked into the money-guzzling tourist traps. The Cinemania thing sounds intriguing – anybody know if it’s any good? (Although, if their website design is anything to go by, they probably suck.) There’s the Carlsberg Sky Tower, the big ole’ Merlion, the Luge thing.. Worse comes to worst, I might as well check out the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom… and I don’t know how our KLCC Aquaria differs from their Underwater World but the Dolphin Lagoon could be a worthwhile visit….

The Force is with me – and it’s screaming its little midi-chlorians out to get me to visit The Art of Star Wars Exhibition being held at the Singapore Science Centre. Yeah, that should satisfy the Jedi-geek within me… for S$18.00 per person, it better be worth it, though.

Ooh! Ooh! Check it out – Reverse bungy!!! Could be a bit pricey though… damn currency rates..

Not everything’s expensive, of course. I fully intend to revisit my childhood experiences by taking a walk through the Haw Par Villa (they were known as the Tiger Balm Gardens when I was a kid), as well as taking in the sights and sounds of Orchard Road wreathed in Christmas decorations. Visits to Little India are guaranteed, of course – the hotel where we’re staying is but a stone’s throw away.

OK, so that’s some of the usual tourist stomping grounds. I’d appreciate any suggestions and recommendations of other places to see and people to meet and items to buy and women to seduce. That reminds me, actually – is there actually anything in Singapore to be bought that is not already available in Malaysia at a cheaper price?

Ah, well, the trip’s still nearly a month away, so I guess there’s plenty of time to figure out what to do. In the meantime, I’ll just bone up on Singapore’s history and wonder (again) why we ever let them go….


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  1. “is there actually anything in Singapore to be bought that is not already available in Malaysia at a cheaper price?”

    YES! YARN… ^_~

  2. apparently Ipods are cheaper there.

    I know you’re not the sort for this, but just in case your “geng” are less angelic,
    the licensed hookers are in the the Bugis street area, near the Bugis plaza

  3. dude, i think Haw Par Villa is no longer in operation? I’m not all too sure though…

    if Little India is stone throw away, then i suppose you are near bugis. i quite enjoy bugis… and perhaps drop by sim lim sq, some place like lowyat.

    if u want to skip orchard road, you can try these other shopping place:
    Suntec City/Raffles City/The Link, Junction 8 or even Tampines and Woodland… all accesible by MRT

  4. Allow me to put in some suggestions:

    If you’re at Boat Quay, the pubs in the lane behind the row of water-facing restaurants are pretty good value. If you want something a little bit different though, there is a Bollywood Lounge at the end of Boat Quay; go to the very end and walk up the concrete stairs next to the bridge thing. You should be able to see the lounge entrance when you reach the top of those stairs.

    HMV has a good stock of jazz and lounge music, a lot of which I cannot find in KL. I also lurve how I can go up to the service counter and flirt my way to getting the customer service chick to go around picking up the stuff I want, while I wait there flirting with the customers who are waiting in line behind me.

    If you’re going out to Mohamed Sultan for a party, be warned that there’s a place called Monkey Bar (or sumtin liddat) that is full of juveniles who can’t hold their drink and get a testosterone rush after their 2nd mug / shot. Nice ambience can be found at the Press Room, and the club two doors down from that is quite a nice place too. I don’t remember the name, but the bouncers don’t bother you if you decide to have a smooch and a grope with your darling / FB in the corner.

    If you are keen on Sentosa, get out there on a Sunday evening when the beach party is on. Bring your bathers Bro, you might even run into a “kawan” of mine or two.

    Bugis Night Market is like the Petaling Street of Singapore, isn’t it? I don’t mean the blogtal.

  5. Beers & Chips are cheaper there. Whenever I’m in Singapore I would buy Hoegarden and Stella Artois to go with Lays or Kettle Chips.

    You should also pay a visit to the Esplanade. Nice place for a lazy evening stroll.

    If you’re the bookish type, perhaps you might want to visit their State of the Art National Library.

  6. Reversed bungy my friend is a must.

    When else can you feel like Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter after being shot out of the planet.

  7. The Underwaterworld I assume would be the same as the KLCC one. I’ve been to the Singapore one but not the KLCC one, but from what I’ve read they’re just the same thing. Not worth it if you’ve been to the KLCC one.

    I’ve been planning to go to the Luge. It’s a new attraction. I recommend this one.

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