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Before I was a blogger, I was a blog reader. And one of the very first blogs I used to frequent was

It wasn’t the drug posts that attracted me to the site – I’ve never done drugs, nor do I ever intend to. But I wasn’t enough of a saint to go round judging other people for their vices.

It was the style of writing. I’d previously believed that addicts and drug users were, to put it bluntly, a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. But at, it was obvious that the writer was quite an intelligent young man, with clear, coherent thoughts and well-drafted arguments.

Here is a blogger who won a MAC Red Ribbon Media Award for his post, Guide to HIV Testing in Malaysia.

His various food review posts are one of the highlights in a local blogosphere that’s running out of fresh and original ideas.

Anybody following the blog in recent times would know that he’s also someone who accepts his weaknesses and attempts to deal with them the best way he can. He has tried several attempts to put some of his worse vices behind him, and he has reduced drastically his posts regarding drugs.

Which is why I find it weird, that after all this time, a local tabloid has decided to highlight his blog on the front page under the headline ‘Laman Web Dajal(kinda means ‘evil website’).

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A few excerpts:

Pengasas laman web dajal itu mendakwa dirinya rakyat tempatan dan graduan komputer berusia 24 tahun yang kini bekerja sesebagai jurutera.
(The founder of the website claims to be a local citizen and a computer graduate, aged 24 and currently working as an engineer.)

Dia menganggap dadah sebagai ‘tuhan’ dan cuba menyebarkan pengetahuan luasnya mengenai semua jenis dadah kepada orang ramai.
(He thinks of drugs as ‘god’ and tried to spread his vast knowledge regarding all types of drugs to the public.)

Lebih menakutkan, dia turut memberikan tunjuk ajar kepada pengunjung laman web berhubung lokasi di ibu kota yang mudah dikunjungi untuk mendapatkan dadah serta harga yang sering ditawarkan.
(More frighteningly, he also provides tips for his website visitors regarding locations in the city which are easily accessible to acquire drugs as well as the prices that are commonly offered.)

Sehingga kini laman web itu didapati menerima tindakan balas positif daripada pelayar internet melalui komen ‘membina’ yang disiarkan.
(To date, the website receives positive feedback from web surfers via the ‘encouraging’ comments displayed.)

And not just one single article, mind you.

Two related articles appear in the tabloid alongside the above:
Kegiatan boleh pengaruh remaja (Activity could influence teenagers).

Orang ramai yang tahu kewujudan laman web berkaitan pengenalan dan kaedah menghisap dadah serta pil khayal diminta tampil membuat laporan polis bagi menghentikan penyebaran maklumat tidak sihat itu.
(Members of the public who know the existence of websites regarding the identification and methods of taking drugs and hallucinogenic pills are asked to come forward to make police reports to stop the spreading of such unhealthy information.)

Sementara itu, Ketua Bahagian Komunikasi Korporat Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM), Adelina Iskandar, berkata disebabkan paparan dalam laman web itu jelas membabitkan isu dadah, ia terletak di bawah kuasa polis.
(Meanwhile, the head of the Corporate Communications Department of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Adelina Iskandar, said that because the contents of the website clearly involve drugs, it therefore comes under police jurisdiction.)

“SKMM tidak boleh terburu-buru menutup laman web itu, kecuali ada bukti kukuh. Hanya polis ada kuasa dan SKMM bila-bila masa bersedia memberi kerjasama,” katanya.
“MCMC cannot close down the website hastily, unless there’s solid evidence. Only the police have the power and MCMC is ready to co-operate at anytime,” she said.

Cabar pihak berkuasa (Challenging the authorities).

Kewujudan laman web berkaitan dadah yang disertakan cara mengguna dan menyembunyikannya daripada dikesan pihak berkuasa disifatkan sebagai satu ancaman kepada masyarakat.
(The existence of a website about drugs including methods of using them and hiding them from being detected by the authorities is considered to be a threat to society.)

Naib Pengerusi Yayasan Pencegahan Jenayah Malaysia, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, berkata tindakan mewujudkan laman web terbabit seolah-olah cuba memperlekehkan usaha kerajaan dan pada masa sama mencabar undang-undang.
(Deputy Chairman of the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, said that the act of creating the website is like trying to snub (?) the efforts of the government and at the same time challenging the law.)

“Kita tidak tahu tujuan pengasas laman web itu, tetapi berdasarkan apa yang cuba disampaikannya, dia ada niat jahat.
(“We do not know the original purpose of the website founder, but based on what he has presented, he has bad intentions.)

“Dengan adanya laman itu, golongan yang berminat dengan dadah akan terus menggunakan dadah, manakala yang tidak pernah mencuba akan mencubanya akibat terpengaruh,” katanya.
(“With the existence of that site, people interested in drugs will immediately use drugs, while those who’ve never tried it will try it as a result of being influenced,” he said.)

Seriously, I do not condone drug use. I personally despise drugs of all kinds, and I do support capital punishment for dealers.

But these articles are way over the top – coming especially at a time when more pressing national issues need to be faced by the powers-that-be. Is this a way for the local media to distract the public’s attention?

24 thoughts on “ on the front pages of Metro Ahad”

  1. Well, this is Metro you’re talking about…

    In case you didn’t notice, they make a living out of writing shite articles… and this is nothing new.

    Metro has always been a shite tabloid anyway.

  2. Keyword….tabloid. Like hell anyone with two cents worth of senses would believe a tabloid. Then again, people always have the habit of beliveing tabloids. Uh oh.

  3. Of course there is a chemical for that…it’s those ones that are produced when you’re in love. I am a scientist…you cannot dispute me. Hah. 😛

  4. hehe…..yea this damn newspapers are really the shit. I see people shooting people or chopping people up in movies. I dont go out there and shoot people or chop people up. what it comes down to is basically religious people trying to make themselves heard. it has to be noted that some of these religious people are at large weak minded and very dependant on religious values. Though it is not wrong to be religious (and i feel it is actually very good to be religous), but they need to have thier own opinion on things and be able to tell right from wrong based on thier own feeling and experiences….not neceesarily based on religion. You’ve got murderes, rapists and terrorist out there aswell as corrupt government officials intent to make money by receiving bribes and these poor newspaper journalist need to urge to write about bloggers. Why dont they go write about the nazi or terrorist websites that are on the rise right now. I mean ive come across websites where they teach you how to make bombs and pack them tightly to inflict maximum damage. Do these religious people go and write about these kinda of stuff in thier newspapers. Even to have someone killed nowadays in malaysia all you need is rm 30 and the cops still cant figure out and catch the killer. hell, i cant resist pretty girls but do i go all out and rape them? Seriously its just a blog. Its not like its on a government website. Think for yourselves.

  5. sheesh.. seeing that Huai Bin is so “pro” in the use of drugs, is it not better to get him to assist the police force? .. sometimes, the media is paying too much attention to the blogosphere

  6. “I personally despise drugs of all kinds, and I do support capital punishment for dealers.”

    Sashi, why do you feel the need to murder drug dealers?

    Is blaming the drug dealer (or trafficker), who is merely participating in a role of supply and demand, simply a case of not accepting responsibilty for ones actions? If I get drunk at the pub, drive home and kill someone – can I blame the publican for selling me the alcohol? If I smoke cigarettes and get lung cancer can I sue the cigarette company? It’s happening right now!

    Capital punishment, I believe, has a place for “evil” people that commit heinous crimes. Drug users, traffickers and dealers do not, in my opinion, fall into this category any more than alcohol or tobacco (ie. legal drugs) merchants.

    Please reconsider your opinion – we need to encourage tolerance in this world.

  7. guess… they have nothing else interesting to report on… guess “blogosphere” is how they boost they papers sales these days… the mainstream picking up the stories from the bloggies.

  8. yea i remember HB’s blog being the very first blog I got hooked on…maybe even the one that inspired me to blog. Sad if it should go 😦

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  10. The article has been also published at The Sun but in a more diplomatic manner. So reference to Website Dajal. Hehehe.

    It’s sad that people can’t see beyond the post. I guess Metro being a tabloid have to sell.

  11. For goodness sake this is Malaysia. Knowing the authority will catch you as a matter of time, please do not shoot your own foot by publisizing your illicit activities. Even if you are residing in a foreign country, the authority will bust you with illegal activities like smoking marijuana.

    Basically, it is like you are telling the world I just killed a human and how it was done. Do you not think the police will track you down?

    Please…… do not be confused with “freedom of speech via blogging’ and doing unlawful activities. The Malaysian authority will not tolerate such act. PLEASE STOP TELLING THE WORLD YOUR OWN PRIVATE BUSINESS. Keep it to yourself. You might think no one is reading your blog. Not true…..! What do you think it is called www (World wide Web)? Any Tom and Harry can google your site.

  12. I personally despise drugs of all kinds, and I do support capital punishment for dealers.

    Well I hope you’re happy now Van Nguyen is dead in Singapore. Absolutely nothing has been acheived save the breaking of a mothers heart.


  13. Funny that they’d waited this long… Is the media running out of stories to write on? I was more surprised that the media did something before the authority did…

    On VTN, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. If you persist on an act knowing the dire consequence, then you’d better be prepared to eat your own medicine.

    Feeling sympathetic towards VTN’s mom? Let’s see how she can face mothers of dead drug users…

  14. Why would anyone attempt to document their drug abuse on a blog located in such a backward, oppressive country as Malaysia. You’re not in the good ol’ US of A for god sake!!! Freedom of speech is just a dream in Malaysia…

  15. hey just found this blog.veteran commentry of HB. sixthseal is all that is free in this world, i mean man shall put into his body anything that he wishes F*** THE POLICE you all seem like a fairly smart bunch what do you normally blog about?

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