Nottingham Memories

Robin Hood Back in the day, when my moustache was but a mere collection of small whiskers, I used to live and study in The University of Nottingham.

Many things happened to me there – things that I’m not going to discuss here. Suffice it to say that I had some great times there, and some really tough times too.

Anyway, this post is a result of coming across two blogs on PPS today: Buttshaker, and manusia gelabah. Both posts were about the annual Nottingham Malaysian Games held in Nottingham U, which brought together Malaysian students all across Britain to compete in various sports and of course to partake in the makan sessions. (There’s also another post on the games at Idlan’s blog.)

I participated in two Games, the first as one of the umpires during the badminton matches (where I quickly learned that my understanding of badminton rules was non-existent), and the other as a co-organiser of the badminton tournament. It was all immensely fun.

Anyway, reading the above blogs got me thinking about my old pictures that I used to snap around the place. My camera back then was the typical point-and-shoot film cameras, and all my pictures are now safely stored away in photo albums which are now kept under lock and key in a castle surrounded by a moat and guarded by hungry dragons with short tempers.

Some of them, however, are also stored in digitised format in my harddisk. I had scanned these pictures when I first started my webpage in Geocities all those years ago. That website is gone now (or is it?) and these pictures have remained hidden all this while. Until today lah.

An so I present to you some of the pictures from my days wandering around Notingham Uni. Click on the thumbnails below to see the larger version.

A note about the dates on the pictures, though – the clock on the camera was screwed up. Most of the time, I did not even realise the date setting was wrong until the pictures came out.

Aah, whatever did we do in the days before digital cameras, eh?

Pictures of Nottingham

Click on the pictures below to see larger versions

  • The CAL lab
    The CAL (Computer-Aided-Learning) lab. I spent many late nights here surfing the web. One of the things I really loved about the campus was that you could gain access to most computer rooms 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, using an electronic key. Awesome.
  • The Engineering Faculty
    The three main buildings that made up the Engineering Faculty.

  • The Diwali celebrations hosted by the Malaysian-Singaporean Society (MSS) at Florence Boot Hall.

  • When the currency crisis hit Malaysia, the then-Education Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak visited the campus and talked to Malaysians about how to deal with the situation. Those were tough times – suddenly the cost of everything doubled overnight.
  • Nottingham City celebrates its 100th birthday
    The City of Nottingham celebrated it’s 100 years as an official city in the UK with a series of celebrations throughout the county lasting for quite some time. This was an open-air concert. I think there was a bhangra performance.

  • The Showcase Cinemas. I cannot count how many movies I’ve watched in this cinema located just outside the campus grounds – and not all the movies were actually paid for… heh heh heh…
  • Broadgate Park
    This was the official university off-campus accomodation grounds. Generally peaceful and quiet, except for the occasional bicycle thefts and sounds of people bonking upstairs.
  • The Trent building by day
    The definitive Nottingham U landmark – the Trent building.
  • The Trent building by night
    The Trent building by night.
  • Warren Soh in front of the science and engineering part of Notts Uni
    Fellow Malaysian student and friend, Warren Soh, standing in front of the Science and Technology Park. The big building directly in the background is the George Green Science library.
  • Willoughby Hall - where I lived during my first year
    This is where I lived during my first year – Willoughby Hall.

13 thoughts on “Nottingham Memories”

  1. What?

    No pictures of the lake?


    I’ve always envied people who studied in Notts. You guys got one of the best campuses!!

    p/s were the squirrels tame back during YOUR time? 😛

  2. idd, notts has a huge campus. but i’d simply get deflated if i had to move through it everyday. particularly liked sherwood hills, simply because it was breathtaking.

  3. Keat: You know, you’d think I’d have pictures of the lake with me… Actually I do – it’s just that I happen to be in those shots, see…

    bUttsH4k3r: I stayed at Broadgate Park, and had to cross the whole campus to get to my classes. In the beginning it was very tiring, but I quickly got used to it, and I have to say, it was invigorating during winter, and quite pleasant during spring. Summertime was gorgeous.

    *Note that when I refer to spring and summer, I simply mean winter with less rain and slightly more warmth.

    tigerjoe: They chafed at the thighs. But the complimentary bow and arrows were very cool.

  4. Idlan: Yes, there was summer back then. Lasted about 6 hours every year.

    visithra: Thanks, but mine is a party of 4 people. That’s ok – I have contacts within the area, hopefully one of whom will get in line to purchase the tickets. Stupid GSC booking system…..

  5. Actually i have 2, 4 ticket bookings – ive offered another person if they don’t want it i can give ya the 4 booking one – i just dont like booking extra n seeing it go to waste

    gsc had some prob since tues – but its ok at night

  6. ahhhhh….i tot id never see the Showcase cinema EVER again! but dude! the lake dude!!! *grins* i’m sure there are a bunch of them once-upon-a-time-Notts-resident missing the town just as much. i know i do! 🙂

  7. Hhmm.. don’t know whether I should feel honored for having the only solo pic on your blog.. probably I just walked past you when you took that shot!

    Look at the goofy long hair! Must had been spring, the sun was shining, the wind was blowing and I was probably carrying my eisel holding some secretive blueprint…

    Those were the days huh? Guess everyone at Notts had their own bitter sweet memory… the lake, the downs, Showcase Cinema, Sainsbury…and that little chippy shop next to the Rubber Ducky.

    SASHI: Warrrrreeeennn! Dude! It’s an honor to have you comment here – FINALLY! About that pic, well, I looked around my cache to find a pic of the the George Green library, and only found that one pic with you in it. So that’s the one I displayed – hope you don’t mind… 😉

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