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We interrupt your weekend programming schedules to bring you a word about the RSS feed for this blog.

I was recently informed that there was some sort of problem with my feed. While I have not found any problems with the current feed specs, I realise any problems that may exist is probably down to incorrect feed URI.

I’ve made several changes to this blog’s structure over the months, including shifting the blog from a sub-folder (/wp) to the root folder. This is quite possibly the main source of errors for those trying to access my feeds.

And so, in order to protect against future problems of this sort, may I suggest that – if you do subscribe to my RSS feeds – you please change the subscription URI to

This is because in the event of any changes to the feed directory or location, I only have to make the appropriate change in my Feedburner account, and it will automatically re-route the above URI to the new feed location.

In other words, you’ll never have to change the feed URI yourself. You can be always be assured that the RSS feed for sashi-isms will always reach your newsreader without interruption, come rain or armageddon.

Here’s the new feed address again:

Thank you. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


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