Brain freeze

I’m stuck on my NaNoWriMo piece.

I’m bored.

I’m assuming no one’s online.

As such, I open the floor to you: ask me a question. Any question. I’ll answer as best as I can.

Over to you.

17 thoughts on “Brain freeze”

  1. suanie: It is foretold that due the machinations of the universe and other planetary events, thou will meet thy knight in shining Armani, who will sweep thee of thee’s feet, and take thee off to paradise (postcode: 00001), come the end of time and all things (around three months time). Please be patient till then, and prepare thyself for the cumming coming of the knight.

  2. Mei: I don’t use MSN. Never have.

    About the NaNo, well, things got a bit… geographical… I don’t have a map handy… need to get an atlas or some sort.. or maybe I’ll just make up fake place names…. but then that sounds too contrived… and I want some semblance of reality… but then obviously reality doesn’t come into play when there’s a talking hamster to come…. damn eyeris and his hamster… i need some coffee….

  3. In the spirit of Dante and Randal, which do you like most?

    Empire Strikes Back or The Return of the Jedi?

  4. vlad: Empire Strikes Back, of course. The best damn twist in a movie EVER. Jedi only had Ewoks. No match.

    simon: Potato chips. The salt in them dehydrates you, so you won’t have to go to the toilet.

    lucia: Because I wanted the title to have my name in it, and I was too lazy to think of anything else.

    eyeris: Tough question. But since Bruno’s now a Brummie, and Crouch is a Red, it’s only right we back our guys – so Crouch it is.

  5. If I prove that the meaning of life is not 42, but 108 (4+8+15+16+23+42) do I get a teh tarik on you some time soon? Also, how weird is it that 42 is a lost number?

  6. Idlan: Lay off the coffee… But if you prove it, teh tarik ok. If you can’t prove it – tickets to Liverpool v Man Utd please. Kop seats.

  7. I’m a NanoWrimo writer… Or rather, that’s what I want to be… I just finished my last exam paper yesterday so I’m excited about finally starting on NanoWrimo…

    I’m disappointed to learn that I missed the Malaysian meet, though… šŸ˜¦

    Anyway, good luck on the novel…

    Cheers! ;o)


  8. I thought you have your Steve story handy? Try free-writing (totally free-writing) for five to ten minutes to jumpstart your brain. or do some writing prompts exercises: All the best, you novelist you…

    Anyway – I found NaNoWriMo to be HELL – hehehe – but I was one of those who completed it (2 years back I believe). Wrote utter drivel to make up the word count but some bits can be salvagable I suppose. Haven’t got the guts to revisit. LoL.

  9. dj: Bikinis. Doesn’t hide too much, doesn’t show too much.

    Zsarina: Thanks for the writing exercise links. I’m gonna be tragetting 10k words by end of the week, and maybe I’ll still hit 20k by Nov’s end. And I guess I really, REALLY, should start on continuing Steve now. But I say that every time… šŸ˜‰

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