NaNoWriMo 2005 (M’sian meet up)

So yesterday was the first meetup for the Malaysian NaNoWriMoers (or NaNo-ers, as some like to be called) at MPH 1-Utama, the time originally being set for 7.30 pm.

I was there early – at 6.30 pm. I wandered round MPH, thinking that I might easily spot a group of psychotic, caffeinated lunatics (you’d have to be crazy to want to write a 50k-word novel in 30 days), and eventually, as I’m always destined to do at a bookstore, I found myself with my nose in a Terry Pratchett book.

While I was at the counter, I asked the staff where the NNWM meet was being held. They had no idea. But one lady thought that I might be referring to an “event with Sharon Bakar”, and said I should proceed to the Booker Room. So I did.

And I found myself in a room where Sharon Bakar was holding court. She’s a very warm and friendly lady and has a knack for making people feel very welcome. Too bad I’m completely the opposite…

So I went to the back, unwrapped my newly-purchased book, and began to read while awaiting the arrival of the ML’s. According to messages in the NNWM forums, the ML’s (Municipal Liaisons, i.e. the co-ordinators for the Malaysian chapter) were to be there early. They weren’t – thanks to the traffic jam.

Now, I already had prior dinner arrangements that could not be deferred. I was hoping that all the introductions and handing-out of the goodie bags would take place before I had to go. Unfortunately, due to the traffic, everything got delayed.

And so it was that I was forced to leave (after receiving one too many irate SMS’es and missed-calls from friends) – right in the middle of Sharon’s self-intro too.

Well, at least I got the goodie-bag… 😉

I did also briefly meet bloggers eyeris (who was initially busying himself with a Pratchett book of his own, and was also lapping up the adoration of the audience as befitting a local celebrity.. 😉 ), and minishorts (who is, indeed, hot). Apparently Simon and BawangMerah were there too, but I wasn’t around long enough to meet them.

Maybe at the next meet, eh? Eh? Eh? Eh?

Right. Back to more pressing matters now…. What would Jesper say….?


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  1. oh so YOU’RE the guy sitting at the back with the novel. cool. yesterday was the first time i met any of the bloggers whose blogs i frequent. =) yay!

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