The Vanishing Coin Trick

As I was cleaning up my messy desk recently, I decided to also clean up my desk, cupboard and bookshelf drawers too. I’m a bit of a pack-rat, and I tend to hog stuff I don’t use for years on end.

Vanishing Coin package

But I was pleasantly surprised to discover this old ready-to-use magic trick hiding in the depths of my cupboard. It’s the kind you might see on a roadside stall or a small store in the ground floor of some shopping complexes. I remember getting my parents to purchase this gimmick (along with another one, a trick that allowed you to pour milk out of a small bottle into any container, and then you show the container being empty! The milk had vanished from both the bottle and the container! Cool stuff, for a kid at least..)

Anyway, this Vanishing Coin trick, as referred to in the packaging, is very simple, and honestly wouldn’t have fooled anyone watching. But like I said, for a kid, it’s a fun enough time-waster…

So here’s how to vanish a coin:

The whole enchilada. With a coin to boot!
Step 1: Set out your tools of the trade. And a coin. 10 cents will do nicely.

Riddle me this...
Step 2: Examine the little plastic board (marked with a question mark). Looks ok.

10 cents used to buy a lot of sweets back then....
Step 3: Examine the coin. Still valid.

To Mount Doom I must go...
Step 4: Examine the rings. Gold flaking is coming off, but still good. Wait, there’s something inscribed on this… “One Ring to rule them all….” Err. Let’s ignore that, shall we?

Aligning the rings together
Step 5: Align the rings, one on top of the other.

Cover with board
Step 6: Cover the rings with the plastic board.

Moving rings with board
Step 7: Lift the rings together with the plastic board…

Place over 10 cent coing
Step 8: … and place them over the coin.

Abracadabra, hocus pocus, gua rock sama lu
Step 8: Chant some incantations, make some voodoo signs, dance naked around a fire, whatever. “Abracadabra” works for me.

Step 9: Lift the plastic board.


David Copperfield, you watching?
The coin’s vanished, yo! It’s gone!!!

So how did I do it? Correct answer wins a cappucino.


14 thoughts on “The Vanishing Coin Trick”

  1. The tooth fairy must have taken your 10 sen lah bro.

    I pity the kid who’s about to get 10 sen tonite instead of the usual quarter or RM 1.

  2. the coin stuck to the plastic board?

    btw, sashi, do you know the trick of changing toilet paper to a RM50 ringgit note? if you do, come to my house to take the tons of toilet paper i have. 🙂

    hey there is this kind of trick! an old church friend (old as in age, he’s over 70 years old) who was a magician always did this trick during some of our church events.

  3. They were selling this gimmick in a shop in Summit shopping complex,Malaysia.Nice gimmick I have to say…dont know how its done!!!Anyways that cappocino is your you coz I dont know how its done…lol

  4. yo guyz can any 1 tell me or show me or give me the address of a professional magic trick shop or and advandce magic trick in Malysia around Kuala Lumpur. Example>>the humming card . i would me greatful if any1 could help me email me>>>

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