Congratulations to the Queen and her consort on their impending nuptials

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Pic sourced from Serge’s without permission. I am so bad.

Mr Tariq Kamal announces that he is to be willingly betrothed to his beloved Queen HANI, after a period of intense courtship that has lasted for 5 years.

As one who has read of their romance (mostly on HANI’s Shrine) for some time, but who only finally met the golden couple during the recent blog meet at Mid Valley, I wish them the heartiest of congratulations and the best of wishes, and would like to just say one other thing to them, if they don’t mind:

Webcam wedding.


Come on, give in to the geekiness! 😉


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  1. Oh, hell yes. If we’re going to get wed in camera, someone else can bear the brunt of server hosting, equipment costs, bandwidth hosting etc.

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