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This is a result of being tagged by Andreas, who had been tagged by Emily, who had decided to consolidate many meme methods into one long exercise in self-torture.

And since I’ve already done some segments of the meme before, I’m just gonna pick and choose parts of the meme to complete. Hope that’s enough, Andreas. 😉

/******** Begin meme *******/

Three names you go by
1. Sashi.
2. Sash.
3. Your Highness.

Three screen names you’ve had
1. macca7 (a long, long, looooong time ago…)
2. sashi1977
3. sashiweb

Three physical things you like about yourself
1. My lack of height
2. My weak eyesight
3. My very large nose

Three physical things you don’t like about yourself
1. Only having 2 eyes. Wish I had a third one, at the back of my head.
2. My lungs cannot stand second-hand smoke. Try walking through KL pubs with lungs like these..
3. Me don’t have no tentacles.

Three parts of your heritage
1. Kuantan.
2. Cameron Highlands.
3. Kuala Lipis.

Three things that scare you
1. George W. Bush. I mean, seriously… a hundred years from now, Americans will be wondering, “What the hell were we even thinking?!”
2. Immortality.
3. Discovering that God is, in fact, real. Yikes.

Three drinks (alcoholic or non)
1. Coffee
2. Coffee
3. Coffee

Three of your everyday essentials (besides the common human needs…)
1. Connection to the Internet.
2. A book to read while connecting to the Internet.
3. A bookmark to place in the book after having connected to the Internet.

Three things you are wearing right now
1. T-shirt.
2. Shorts.
3. A cape. (Up, up, and awayyyy…)

Three of your favourite movies
1. The Sixth Sense.
2. Thalapathy. (My all time favourite Tamil movie. For those who think Indian movies are all about dancing round trees and stuff, well, this isn’t it.)
3. Memento.

Two truths and a lie
1. The world will end on Dec 31st 2021.
2. The world will end on Jan 14th 2016.
3. None of you will survive the end of the world.

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to you
1. Eyes
2. Legs
3. Everything else

Three careers you are considering, or have considered
1. Helicopter pilot
2. Mechanical Engineer
3. Assassin.

5 snacks I enjoy
– ‘Tater chips
– Cookies. Coooooookkiiiieeeeees….
– Murukku.
– An Indian snack that I cannot remember right now..
– Ice cubes.

5 songs I know all the words to
– Baa Baa Black Sheep
– You’ll Never Walk Alone
– Ice Ice Baby
– She Loves You
– Yellow Submarine

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars
– Invest
– Buy my parents a mansion
– Hire a chauffeur
– Buy a car for every day of the week
– Buy a small island
– Buy the White House and evict the President

5 places I would run away to
*This information is classified, in the event that I would actually have to run away. *

5 things I would never wear
– Spandex.
– A Man Utd jersey.
– A see-through shirt.
– Anything in pink.
– A kilt.

5 favorite TV shows
– Lost.
– The Apprentice.
– The Amazing Race.
– The Contender.
– Friends.

5 bad habits
– I don’t talk enough.
– I talk too much.
– I never listen.
– I always stare.
– Procrastination.

5 biggest joys
– Friends.
– Memories.
– Innocence.
– Coffee.
– Football.

5 favourite toys:
– Football Manager 2005.
– The remote control.
– The web.
– Free time.
– Imagination.

5 fictional characters I would date
– Arwen
– Eowyn
– Dana Scully
– Sydney Bristow
– Phoebe Buffay

5 songs I currently love
*Classified, in case it reveals just how pathetic my taste in music really is….*

/******** End meme *******/

Oh, in case you’re wondering – I tag no one.


6 thoughts on “Tagged by Andreas”

  1. Kuala Lipis… Man what a small world!!!

    Only one thing though, if someone give ya 100 million IF you wear a Man Utd Jersey.. Would you do it?


  2. “2. Thalapathy. (My all time favourite Tamil movie. For those who think Indian movies are all about dancing round trees and stuff, well, this isn’t it.)”

    So, what is it about? Telepathy, by any chance? Hehh

  3. Sham: Interesting hypothesis you put forward there. While the Law of Face-Saving Stubborn-Headedness states that I will never wear a Man U jersey (since I’ve publicly proclaimed it), but the Corrolary of Perpetual Greed states that obscenely large amounts of money can change most things. Theefore, to test this hypothesis, please provide a Man Utd jersey and a 100 million US dollars so I can perform the experiment. 😉

    James: Heh. No. It’s about the underworld. Mob justice, corruption, unwanted births, caste issues. It has all the things I consider makes a good movie – strong plot, outstanding acting (without resorting to hyterics), great soundtrack, gorgeous cinematography, excellent editing and diecting… best Tamil movie ever.

  4. Bro, I’m glad to see that you haven’t completely ruled out wearing a Chelsea shirt in the near future. Some nice picks on those fictional dates by the way, although I would have to say that Eowyn is too much of an emo chick for my taste.

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