Joi Ito on Blogging Style

Joi Ito, who once dropped by KL and met with some of our big-name bloggers and technology people, wrote something a couple of days back about blogging – especially for new bloggers (I was going to use the term noobies, but damn if that word hasn’t been abused beyond recognition).

It’s basically just 5 tips he’d give new bloggers, but there’re more tips from others in the comments. I tend to agree with most of them, even if I haven’t exactly followed them myself…

1 – You’re probably stupid – […] be humble and don’t try to write something conclusively smart-sounding. Start a discussion where someone smarter than you can step in easily.

2 – You need help thinking – Focus on the parts that you can’t figure out. Ask people to help you think. […]

3 – Take a position – Wikipedia is about neutral point of view. Blogs [are] about points of view. You can always admit you’re wrong later, but posts that don’t have a point of view are boring and people are less likely to comment. […]

4 – Link – Read other blogs a bit before posting. Link as much as possible. Try to participate in the conversation instead of soap-boxing.

5 – Write early write often – Don’t wait for your ideas to be completed. When you have some inspiration, get it out of the door quickly. Update the post or write new ones as the thought or story unfolds.

I like this. Short and straight to the point. Kinda reminds me what I’ve always intended to do with this blog, but never quite getting round to it. Bottom line – I’ve become quite lazy with the way I’ve been maintaining sashi-isms. Time to get back to basics, me thinks….


7 thoughts on “Joi Ito on Blogging Style”

  1. I do number five a lot. I write down everything I’m thinking of at the moment, and then post it. then later on, I’ll add more as I think of it. or change a few things as well.

    It’s a BLOG after all, where one can edit anything at anytime. 🙂

  2. I can’t imagine the stuffs I wanted to write but never wrote down because I just didn’t have the time. I think I need a PDA. Or a familiar that can write. 😛

  3. hmm, how about taking a position for the sake of taking a position? be it for popularity, to generate controversy or to entice responses (and thus readership).

    i am so backlogged on my draft posts that it’s never going to get cleared…

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