Going Cross-Eyed And Colour-Blind

Damn, I suck at this - Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Link: Click the Colour (and not the word)

Like the best web-based Flash games, this one is so simple in theory, but so mind-bogglingly difficult in execution.

I won’t spoil it by pointing out how to play it – actually it’s quite simple to figure out – but the fun lies in trying to convince your brain to look at things from a different perspective.

Really, easier said than done. Give it a go – just don’t come after me if you find yourself at the end of the day having done nothing and nearing a nervous breakdown….

Discovered via SE


2 thoughts on “Going Cross-Eyed And Colour-Blind”

  1. Whoa…after a few tries I got it to 61. Had to stubbornly look at the colour instead of the word.
    but nah…won’t play it again unless I’m absolutely bored.

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