The Ig Nobel Prizes

The Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, usually held at about the same time as that of the more famous Nobel Prize ceremonies, honours the crazy and often sometimes “trivial” accomplishments made by scientists, researchers and others around the world. For example, this year, the winner of the Ig Nobel for Nutrition is:

Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats of Tokyo, Japan, for photographing and retrospectively analyzing every meal he has consumed during a period of 34 years (and counting).

My personal favourite award recepient this year is for the Ig Nobel Prize for Literature:

The Internet entrepreneurs of Nigeria, for creating and then using e-mail to distribute a bold series of short stories, thus introducing millions of readers to a cast of rich characters — General Sani Abacha, Mrs. Mariam Sanni Abacha, Barrister Jon A Mbeki Esq., and others — each of whom requires just a small amount of expense money so as to obtain access to the great wealth to which they are entitled and which they would like to share with the kind person who assists them.

And just in case you think these awards are organised by a bunch of comics who love nothing better than to denigrate the fine work of the world’s brightest minds, well, you’d be wrong. One of the regular participants of the Ig Nobel Prize ceremonies, Roy Glauber – a guy who’s become famous at the ceremonies for constantly sweeping away the paper planes that end up making their way to the stage – is a Harvard physics professor who’s just won a Nobel Prize for Physics. Yes, the real deal.

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