Peter Tan’s Hair For Hospice Charity Campaign

Senior PPS blogger Peter Tan, fresh from his successful participation in the recent Blogathon drive for charity, is once again calling for generous benefactors and donors to come forward and support a cause close to his heart.

The Penang Hospice-At-Home Programme, which is run by The National Cancer Society of Malaysia (Penang), is, as stated in their website’s mission statement:

..a support service provided in the home of the terminally ill cancer patient for whom cure is not a likely prospect. The main focus of this support will be physical; i.e., help and advice on the relief of symptoms, especially pain, and nursing care. In addition, the patient and the family will be given emotional and practical support. When necessary, bereavement support will be provided.

Peter adds:

It costs RM31 for a palliative care nurse from the Hospice to visit a patient at home. The RM5,000.00 will be able to support 161 home visits. This is only a fraction of the RM290,000.00 that was spent in the year 2004 for such visits. Patients are not charged for these visits and neither are they obliged to reciprocate in any other way. This is truly service from the heart, and one of the great examples of human compassion at its best.

And so, Peter has decided to pledge to shave his hair (all 42-months worth of uncut glory!) in order to raise at least RM 5,000 for the Hospice-At-Home Programme.

The downside to all this is that Peter will lose his rock star persona (gua caya sama lu!), but the upside is – it’ll all grow back in 4 years, dude! Rock on! 😛

For more information regarding the Hair-For-Hospice charity campaign, visit Peter’s blog.

I’m doing my bit – won’t you?


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