What’s On My Desk?

I’m bored. That should be enough explanation.

My messy desk
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OK, here’s the drill. Name 25 15 specific, distinct* items on my messy desk above, and I’ll buy you a Cappuccino – if we ever meet. (Or if you’re not into Cappuccino, any other caffeine-based drink of your choice. If you don’t like caffeine, I pity you.)

Or if we are never fated to meet, you can name 25 15 items just for the heck of it.

Or you can completely ignore all of this and move on to other places on the Net where you can expect to enrich your minds – or get pr0n. Whatever works for ya…

Ready? Steady? GO!


  • First rule: You will not talk about Fight Club.
  • Second rule: “Specific and distinct items” is my way of saying that instead of saying “book”, you say exactly what book, i.e. title, author, publisher, publisher’s wife, etc. OK, maybe not that last thing there…
  • Third rule: Did anybody see TV Smith‘s face in today’s Star In-Tech?
  • Fourth rule: The first person to get 25 15 items correctly win the prize. The person who gets 24 14 items correct wins nothing. The second person to get 25 15 items correctly wins nothing. The person who doesn’t even try wins nothing. The person who gives up desire and attachment wins Nirvana – the complete discography.
  • Fifth rule: This “contest” closes next week, 14th October 2005. In the event that nobody gets it right and thus proving that people don’t really read my blog (boo-bloody-hoo), then the person who names the most items correctly wins the drink. And what the heck, I’ll even throw in a Mercedes Benz too.
  • Sixth rule: This rule is completely irrelevant to all except those who choose to go underground with me and establish a New Order bent on eliminating the old corrupt system and.. oops, I’ve said too much. I’ll have to kill you all. Please leave your name and address so as to expedite your termination. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Small edit: Yeah, I changed 25 to 15. ‘Cos I found it hard to name 25 items myself. Pfft.


14 thoughts on “What’s On My Desk?”

  1. I see a blue & black table lamp, Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings, a nokia handphone, what looks like a bottle of green (possibly radioactive) stuff…

    I tell u what bro; I’ll buy coffee the next time we meet up.

  2. 1. Lord of the Rings
    2. XML in easy steps
    3. PHP Bible
    4. SmartThumb Thumbdrive packet
    5. Mini Compo
    6. a blue lamp
    7. diskette between the lamp and the mini compo
    8. nokia handphone
    9. a silver clock
    10. cd box visual studio 2005 Beta 2
    11. pc speakers
    12. metal book divider/thingy that doesnt let the books fall on shelves
    13. Nail clipper
    14. Pencils
    15. Pens
    16. Pen and Pencil holder
    17. green botle
    18. white cable
    19. black cable
    20. grey cable
    21. business card box
    22. green diary/hardback book
    23. white tag string/necklace thingy
    24. empty cds from pineapple
    25. magazine under that greem diary.

    You owe me coffee and a cheesecake(thats for getting 25!)

  3. 1.Desk Lamp
    3.Table clock
    5.Nokia Handphone
    6.Bottled water
    7.Old radio(?)
    8.Visual Studio
    9.Namecard holder
    10.Book :JRR Tolkien :Lord of the Rings
    11.Book :PHP
    14.Stationery holder..:)

    (y m i doing this again???)

  4. tigerjoe: Coffee on you? It’s a deal, dude. And that drink’s not radioactive – I swear on my five arms!

    Sharizal: Sharp eyes you have, hmmm? Although errors you have made, but 15 correct items you have. Cheesecake and Benz you will receive… one day. >:)

    bawangmerah: If you’ve given up desire & attachment, then you should desire not the Nirvana discography… hehehh

    Peter: Heheheh… maybe you’ll have more free time after all the hair is gone, eh? 😛

    Drama Queen: Your efforts are commendable – but sudah lambat sikit. The only way for you to win now is if Sharizal does not collect on his reward soon….

  5. Hehe.. yup, still got all those HITB freebies stashed away somewhere on my desk – will need to call an excavation expert to dig them out… 😛

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