The Shadow Rises In Kuala Lumpur

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Sauron’s back. I guess the One Ring has been found again. Maybe the volcano spit it out along with Gollum’s bones…

Once again, a fellowship will have to be formed to accompany the Ring-Bearer to the heart of all that is dark and evil – Suria KLCC. Steel your hearts agains the temptations of brandnames and decadence, for that is what Sauron wants – to empty your pockets and demoralise your souls.

Now the Elves have all left westwards for La-La Land (where they’re starring in shows like Will and Grace and Queer Eye for The Straight Guy), and all the hobbits have been accidentally trampled and run over by drunk drivers, it’s up to Men of Middle-Earth (and Upper-Earth, and parts of Lower-Earth) to stop Sauron. Yikes.

On second thoughts…

Welcome to our new Flaming-One-Eyed Leader!

*This entire nonsense of a post was simply meant to draw your attention to 1000Worth’s Photoshop contests (found via Boing Boing) where mystical and fictional creatures were remixed into modern settings. The results are really awesome. Check it out!

A couple more favourites of mine from

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